Storytimeforme: Interactive reading books for kids online

Umar 05-02-2011

With interactive activities such as videogames and sports available, children are hesitant to read books in their free time. To get young children to pay more attention to reading, one solution would be to make reading more interactive. This is precisely what “StoryTimeForMe” plans to do.


interactive reading books for kids

interactive online books for kids

StoryTimeForMe is a great website that provides free books for young children. These books are made available within the web browser and provide the young reader with an interactive experience. Books are played as slow animations within the browser. The text within each book is simple and displayed while being read. The animation of the books develops young children’s interest and they read the words that are displayed. Through controls located at the bottom of the page you can turn off the animation and the audio, highlight the narrated phrase, and turn pages of the book.

Storytimeforme: Interactive reading books for kids online option

Furthermore these books often contain socially relevant topics. For example the books illustrate why children should not bully, why the environment should be cleaned, etc. Therefore the website not only works to excite children about reading but also tries to teach them moral lessons.


With all that it has to offer, parents and teachers will surely appreciate StoryTimeForMe and get their children to use the site.


Check out StoryTimeForMe (no longer available)

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