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Flickr Flickr is an interesting and really popular web application owned by Yahoo. It is one of the best examples of new Web2.0 generation websites. The system they have adopted combines simple photo storage service with community driven sharing and tagging of photos and serves as an example for many popular web services. Flickr offers really good photo managing and sharing tools that allow you to:

  • show favorite photos to the world.
  • show personal photos only to friends.
  • comment on photos
  • tag photos
  • resize photos
  • Upload photos by email or from cellphone
  • easily invite friends and family (flickr will automatically create account for them)
  • form Private Groups for events such as weddings,
  • form public groups for different interests such as Antique Cars, etc.
  • share pictures in FlickrLive
  • organize photos in many different ways
  • easily upload photos in batches

The interface of the web service is quite unique and user friendly. Flickr provides rich variety of tools for managing photos which are easy to navigate through. See an example of toolbar in picture below.

Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos flickr2

The idea of tagging and adding notes is something amazing, just imagine your friends adding notes and tags to your pictures. This type of annotation make your photo albums much more alive, organized and easy to find when you search for them. For a demo of the service you may visit this page.

As a result of letting users associate with pictures some text information like tags and notes, Flickr also created huge database of photos which can be searched through by general public (only photos that are marked as public). Hence, this photo sharing website is at the same time an extremely relevant image search engine. Try conducting some searches yourself.

Flickr offers basic and premium accounts. Basic service is free but puts a limit of 20 MB max upload per month. Overall, I think Flickr is an A+ photo sharing and management tool. I have not see any other photo sharing application remotely close in terms of usability ad design. If 20 MB limit is not a problem for you then go ahead and open an account.

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