Store Groups Of Tabs & Favourites With The Freshstart Chrome Extension

Karl L. Gechlik 10-02-2010

So we have all heard about Chrome’s built-in bookmark sync ability between browsers, using the Internet as the storage method. Now what if you want to take it one step further and store groups of tabs or favorites that you can easily open from home or work? Say you have a group of tabs that need to be opened when you are working on a specific project or task – just open up FreshStart chrome extension and  save the group of tabs. Then when it comes time for you to access them, open FreshStart again and retrieve your bookmarks! Super simple and very effective.


The latest and greatest release of FreshStart now has crash recovery features that allow you to quickly recover your last browsing session. When this feature is enabled from the FreshStart control panel, your tabs will be automatically saved every 5 minutes. When (and if) you crash your Chrome, you can quickly and easily resurrect your last set of tabs. This is an awesome feature!

freshstart chrome extension

You can save an unlimited amount of tabs or sessions. You can name them according to what they are and they will display how many tabs are present and when they were created.


  • Store tabs as a session.
  • Open groups of tabs easily.
  • Allow bookmark synchronization to enable multiple machine storage of your sessions.
  • Crash recovery.
  • Easily installed and super simple to use.

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