How to Silence Those Annoying Facebook Live Notifications
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Facebook Live, which debuted less than a year ago, was originally only for celebrities so we could catch a glimpse into their “normal” lives.

Now, however, Facebook Live is available for everyone, which may be amazing or horrible depending on the people who make up your friends list and your view on the feature.

With the nature of Live, it makes sense that you’d want to let people know when you’re live-streaming, as being even a few minutes late could ruin the fun for someone. However, it’s incredibly irritating that Facebook decides to push a notification to you every time someone goes live (they tend to make the default settings for new features as annoying as possible).

Here’s how to turn this off.

Log onto Facebook on the web, click the little arrow in the top-right and choose Settings. On the Notifications tab on the left, choose On Facebook and then look for Live Videos at the bottom of the list. Change this from On to Off and you’ll stop hearing about every time a friend live-streams making dinner.

Remember that you can add anyone you wish as a close friend and get notifications when they post, so try that if you only have a handful of friends you’d actually like to catch Live videos for.

Sick of notifications taking you away from focus? Check out our guide to reducing distracting notifications.

Do you like Facebook Live or do you find it another unnecessary waste of time? Let us know if you’ve tried it out in the comments!

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