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How to Stop Losing Your Stuff (And 7 Trackers to Help You Do It)

Kayla Matthews 30-09-2016

Current technology allows us to track just about anything in our lives. This includes everything from how many steps you took during your lunch break to how many times you’ve listened to your favorite song.


Even with these capabilities, however, it’s all too common to misplace everyday items like your cell phone, car keys Find Your Keys! 6 Gadgets That Help Locate Your Missing Keys Can't find your keys? Forgot to take them with you? If only your keys could call out to you and fix this everyday mess. Read More , or wallet.

Not only is losing these items time consuming — how many times have you been late to work because you couldn’t find your car keys? — but it’s also potentially costly.

A recent study found that one in five U.S. adults misplaces or loses personal belongings each week, and those losses amount to an average of $5,591 over the course of a lifetime.

Luckily, the days of losing things can be behind you. There are a number of personal item trackers on the market that can help you find lost items — or just make sure they’re not lost in the first place.

Here are seven ways to use item trackers to keep tabs on your stuff.


1. Find Your Phone With Tile

Track Your Stuff With Tile Mobile App

Tile is among the most popular item-tracking devices, in part because of its dual capabilities. The tiny square tile can be connected to a keychain, helping you locate your keys either through a sound or by using the Tile app to locate the keys on a map.

However, what if you have your keys, but not your phone? Tile has you covered. You can press Tile to ring your phone loudly, even if it happens to be in silent mode.

Tile costs $25 for one device (CA/UK) or $70 for a pack of four (CA/UK).


Download — Tile app for iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

2. Find Your Wallet With TrackR

Find Your Stuff With TrackR Mobile App

The folks at TrackR have come up with a model designed specifically for wallets and purses. It’s an ultra-thin device you can easily slip into your wallet, and then use the TrackR app to locate the billfold should you lose it.

TrackR also uses a system called Crowd GPS, which is basically an item tracking network that can help you find lost items in a given location.


The TrackR system costs $29.95 for one device (CA/UK), $49.95 for two, and $99.95 for eight (buy four, get four free).

Download — TrackR app for iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

3. Find Your Medication With PebbleBee Honey

Find Your Medication With PebbleBee Honey

Tracking devices for health-related items 17 Best Health and Fitness Gadgets to Improve Your Body Over the past few years, innovation around health and fitness gadgets has exploded. Here are just a few of the amazing pieces of kit you'll be able to use to keep you feeling great. Read More are obviously important. In fact, hospitals use a similar concept to track medical equipment. For smaller-scale medication tracking, though, you’ll only need PebbleBee.


PebbleBee describes the Honey as a Bluetooth tracker for everyday life, and for many that includes daily medication. The trackers are tiny, about 5mm thick and weighing 0.2 ounces. They attach easily to your travel pillbox, which can be particularly handy if you’re moving or traveling but know you’ll need certain meds.

Another strength of PebbleBee trackers is they have internal LEDs, making it easier to find items in the dark.

Pricing for the trackers ranges from $25 for one (CA/UK) to $100 for six.

Download — PebbleBee for iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

4. Find Your Keys With LUPO

Find Your Keys With LUPO

The LUPO tracker is great for house keys or car keys because of its relatively small size compared to other trackers. LUPO trackers are tiny discs that are 5mm thin and 36mm in diameter, and they weigh just eight grams.

Another cool feature of LUPO is the devices have a programmable button, which can be useful for all sorts of applications. A common one is to use the button to control the camera on your phone, allowing you to take selfies at a distance.

LUPO isn’t yet available in the U.S. In the UK the device costs £19.95 for one, £87.50 for five. Should it make its way to the U.S., that would equate to about $26 and $113 respectively.

Download — LUPO for iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

5. Find Your Bike With LoccaMini

Find Your Bike With LoccaMini
Image Credit: Indiegogo

The LoccaMini tracker is larger than most of the other models discussed here, but it can be a savior for bike owners The 7 Best Bike Computers You Can Afford Today Cycling is thought of a low-tech activity; you jump on your bike and go. But some really cool devices can show you data about your ride, like speed and distance of your ride. Read More . Using the manufacturer’s Bike Pack, owners can turn the LoccaMini into an alarm system for their bicycle, including a siren and GPS location capabilities. The LoccaMini is still in development but is expected to start shipping products by the end of 2016.

The Bike Pack edition of LoccaMini costs approximately €145, or about $162. Users insert the unit into a mount on the frame of the bike, allowing you to set zones your bike needs to stay within and triggering an alarm if your bike is moved out of its set zone.

Download — Coming soon to iOS | Android | Windows Phone

6. Find Your Luggage With Chipolo

Find Your Luggage With Chipolo

The Chipolo tracking device is a small and round edition that comes in a wide variety of fun and flashy colors. The devices can be attached to just about any item, including your luggage while traveling Smart Luggage Could Forever Change The Way We Travel Smart devices are everywhere! They're even making their way into the world of travel in the form of smart luggage! Read More .

Imagine being in a busy foreign airport where the baggage claim area is a zoo. Wading through sea of people and suitcases can cause anxiety among even the most seasoned travelers, but a device such as Chipolo can offer peace of mind by helping you quickly find your belongings.

To find your suitcase, you ring the device just like you would a lost phone. The Chipolo device plays a loud tune that can be heard within its 200-foot Bluetooth range.

Chipolo costs $29.95 for one device (CA/UK), $49.95 for two, and $99.96 for a family pack of four.

Download — Chipolo iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

7. Find Your Car With Hum

Find Your Car With Hum

Hum turns your car into a smart car, including the ability to track its location using GPS. It also includes other features, such as easy access to roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics 10 Quick Changes to Your Driving Habits That Will Save Fuel Read More and access to a certified mechanics hotline.

The system costs $29.99, plus $20 for a one-time activation fee. Users must also pay $10 per month for the service (plus taxes and fees), and a two-year subscription is required.

Download — Hum app for iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

What Will You Stop Losing?

There are a wide variety of item trackers on the market, which can make choosing the right one a tough decision. However, the best way to decide is to first identify what you will be tracking. If it will be used for simple items such as keys or a phone, there are boatloads of options. If it’s for something more specific such as a car, there are likewise specific options.

The important thing is that you stop wasting your time 14 Unique Web Apps to Save Time If You Are Way Too Busy Do you ever feel like you're too busy to get everything done? The day's not getting any longer, so you're going to have to find a way to be more efficient. Read More rummaging around the house for the same lost things!

What do you lose most often? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. Fik-of-Borg
    October 1, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    Eye glasses!
    I have 6 pairs of glasses in my apartment alone (kitchen, bedroom and home office / workshop / lair, for medium and close distance) and at least 3 times I week I can't find not one of them.

    Of course using GPS is impossible (and not needed), but to be useful it would need to have at least half meter resolution, year long battery life and small size, weight and price. Long battery life is easy: transmit it's coordinates in short bursts once a minute or so. The location could be shown on an app on a PC or tablet (hopefully bolted to something fixed so it does not get lost). Or better, spoken aloud in response to a voice command.
    And there is the simple short-range radio-activated beeper, but where is the fun in that?

  2. Zinc Whiskers
    October 1, 2016 at 12:45 am

    "Tile" looks good...but you have to buy new ones every year because the batteries aren't replaceable...