Stop Google From Tracking Your Voice With a Simple Switch

Saikat Basu 25-11-2016

Google tracks everything. It never forgets. But the good thing is that it lets you control some amount of the information that passes through its servers. This information includes browsing history, searches, YouTube videos watched, or anything else you have done on Google and its suite of products.


This also includes anything you speak into the phone with an “OK Google” command.

Tracking your voice only works when you’re signed in and Voice & Audio Activity is turned on. Audio can be saved even when your device is offline. Like any other browsing data that is picked up by Google, your voice is also used to improve your online experience (among other things). The audio activity helps to:

  • Learn the sound of your voice.
  • Learn how you say words and phrases.
  • Recognize when you say “OK Google”.
  • Improve speech recognition across Google products that use your voice.

You just might not feel too comfortable with it. Google and privacy What Does Google Know About You? Find Out and Manage Your Privacy and Security For the first time, search giant Google is offering a way for you to check the information it has about you, how it is gathering that data, and new tools to start reclaiming your privacy. Read More is always a debated topic. Don’t worry: there’s an easy way to delete all your audio recordings from the cloud.

Delete Them All (Or Just a Few Select Ones)

Head to the My Activity page on Google and sign into your account. On this page, you can see a list of your past recordings and their date.

Google - My Activity


You can listen to recordings using the Play button under each one. You can use this to recall a search query that worked for you. Select the recording you want to delete. You can delete them one at a time or filter them by specific date ranges.

To be more selective with removal, go to the sidebar and click on Delete activity by. You have a few options for Delete by date. Select All Time if you want to remove them in one go.

Instead of managing your audio recordings, you can turn off the feature in one shot.

Voice and Audio Activity

Visit the My Activity (Activity Controls) Page again. Scroll down to Voice & Audio Activity. Toggle the switch on or off.

Where you aware of this privacy control setting? Do you prefer to keep it on or switched off? Share your voice below.

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