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Justin Pot 23-06-2012

daily deal email strategyTired of daily deal emails? Unsubscribe from all of them in three simple steps. Unsubscribe Deals is a simple web service for Gmail users that allows you to unsubscibe from Groupon, Google Offers, Woot! and a number of other daily deal services. Keep reading for a complete list.


Sorry, non-Gmail users: this service won’t work for you.

Daily Deals seemed like the future of Internet marketing back in 2009, but for many people today they accomplish little more than filling inboxes with irrelevant offerings. If you can’t remember the last time you actually used one of the daily deal services you’re signed up for, it’s probably time to cut the clutter.

The time when people received only a single, personal email from a good friend each day is long over. This is partially because people switched from writing long, personal letters to short requests, but also because of the massive number of services that use email primarily as a notification system. Whether you’re trying to actually enjoy email again or simply want to cut back on the number of messages you get every day, unsubscribing from daily deals is a quick way to fine tune the signal-to-noise ratio in your inbox.

We’ve shown you Unsubscribr, which helps you mass unsubscribe from newsletter Mass Unsubscribe From Nuisance Email Newsletters With Unsubscribr Do you get more email than you know what to do with? You're not alone. I get multiple, daily emails that I routinely delete without so much as opening. Or, at least, I did, until... Read More . UnsubscribeDeals is similar, but focuses only on daily deal sites.

Using UnsubscribeDeals

Using this tool really couldn’t be simpler. First, head to Then sign in using your Gmail account:


daily deal email strategy

The connection is a secure one: SSH. UnsubscribeDeals will go through your email and find any and all messages relating to daily deals (you’ll even discover any unread emails from these services being marked as read next time you load up your inbox.)

Pick which daily deal services you would like to unsubscribe from. All of the services supported by UnsubscribeDeals show up, and all services you are currently subscribed to are pre-checked. Uncheck anything you’d like to keep:

stop daily deal emails


Services you don’t use are greyed out, keeping you from unsubscribing things you’re not subscribed to. That probably wasn’t worth saying.

This is: 12 daily deals sites are supported by UnsubscribeDeals. They are:

  • Living Social
  • Groupon
  • Woot!
  • Daily Candy
  • LifeBooker
  • Google Offers
  • AmazonLocal
  • YipIt
  • BloomSpot
  • GiltCity
  • KGB Deals
  • EverSave

Once you’ve selected the services you want to ditch, all you need to do is click the big red button at the bottom:

stop daily deal emails


Do that and you’re done! There’s an undo button afterward, if you feel like you made a mistake, as well as a disclaimer:

daily deal email strategy

I haven’t seen any emails since using the service, but apparently some services take a few weeks. Your mileage may vary.


I’m grateful for any service that reduces email clutter. If you’re anything like me, you recieve dozens of emails daily that require a response alongside filler emails. Daily Deals only make up one category of filler email, but eliminating them makes your inbox a less stressful place.


Did you try this out, or any services like it? Do you enjoy email more without the deals? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Tanguy Djokovic
    June 24, 2012 at 5:47 am

    is there a difference with ?

    • Justin Pot
      June 24, 2012 at 2:07 pm

      Focus. This one targets only daily deal sites, and works perfectly on them. has a broader focus, if I recall.