StitchLabs: Conveniently Manage Your Company’s Products Inventory & Orders Online

When a company is small, managing orders is not a very big challenge. The orders are usually few in number for small companies and they do not complicate management. But if you have a large company or one that is growing, then you require an efficient tool to not only manage your product orders but also your product’s inventory.

While this can be done using basic computer tools such as an Excel spreadsheet, it requires manual monitoring and manual data entry. If your products are being sold online and on different websites, then you need a unique way to keep an online management system that is automatically updated with sales. Here to offer you that system is a tool called Stitch Labs.

manage product inventory

Stitch Labs is a web service that helps you manage your product orders online. The website is ideal for companies or individuals who are selling their products through various online retailers and require a single dashboard to view their overall product orders and product inventory from.

The site supports integration with numerous online retailers including Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Sail, Storenvy, and Goodsie. Other services with which integration is supported include PayPal, ShipStation, QuickBooks, and Google Docs / Drive.


By using Stitch Labs, you can create an inventory of your products and set up details of your company. All of your sales are registered on the site as soon as they happen and you can obtain the latest stats anytime you required.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you manage product orders.
  • Lets you maintain a product inventory.
  • Supports integration with various online retailers.

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