StickerYou: Create Printable Stickers Online

Despite all the online mediums, offline marketing hasn’t completely died yet and stickers are a good example of that. You can use stickers for personal as well as professional purposes. StickerYou is an app that lets you create printable stickers with ease.

You can start by uploading your own image or browse dozens of ready-made stickers. You can also create your own by combining shapes, backgrounds and different art symbols. You can edit any existing sticker or image and also save them in your albums. StickerYou allows you to create a complete page of stickers and if you want, print them for a small price.
create printable sticker

  • Create printable stickers online.
  • Upload your image or customize ready-made stickers.
  • Choose from a number of shapes and backgrounds.
  • Have your stickers printed and shipped for a small price.
  • Search and browse stickers created by others.
  • Save customized stickers to your online album.

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  1. Josie
    April 20, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    I've tried this site. It's too complicated and the whole user experience kinda sucks. So I went to Facebook and created some cool virtual stickers instead and shared with my friends. Instant gratification made easy wins over complex editing and delayed gratification every time.