Start Shooting With These 4 DSLR Video Tutorial Sites

Joshua Lockhart 01-05-2012

dslr video tutorialRecently, I covered a little bit of DSLR video What I Think About DSLR Video If there's one thing that I know, it's that DSLR video production is here to stay. As a DSLR-owner, I've finally succumbed to the new wave of production, and I can't complain too much (though... Read More for those of you stepping out to see the low-cost solution to production. My focus has been on helping those who don’t necessarily do much video production How To Create Your Own Basic Music Video There are lots of musical artists waiting to shine, but you are forced to have some form of video to accompany your music. Thankfully, it's not hard to make your own online video content. Read More themselves learn the basics so that they can take advantage of the cheaper cameras.


However, we have four dedicated resources to help you venture further into your DSLR studies. These sources are quite reputable and have been recommended by several sites all over the Internet. Bear in mind that they even go beyond DSLR shooting, so you can dive deeper into the video world 8 Movies Every Geek Should Watch (And Love) [Stuff to Watch] Today’s Stuff to Watch will focus on the geekiest of geeky films. These are films that your average tech lovin’ computer whizz should love - and they’re not all dystopian sci-fi movies either (though there... Read More as a whole if you so choose to.

Vimeo’s Video School [No Longer Available]

dslr video tutorial

Vimeo is a great site designed for sharing video with your fellow auteurs as well as reading up on tips for video-making. Fortunately for you, they have an entire section of their site dedicated to DSLR video production. The tutorials are given in a video format, so not only will you be instructed on how to perform certain techniques, but you will actually see them in action.

Tutorials range from shooting styles to DIY instructions 5 Ways To Find The Best Obscure Subreddits On Reddit Since its surge in popularity in 2006, Reddit has truly become the epicenter of social news and information. We're in an age where the newspaper is gradually inching towards extinction as more and more people... Read More to even camera maintenance. With over 10 pages of videos, this is quite the jackpot of DSLR information.

Philip Bloom

dslr tutorial


Video professional Philip Bloom’s website is the Mecca of all DSLR video. Within the archives of his super-blog How To AJAX-ify Your WordPress Comments By default, the WordPress commenting system is woefully inadequate. You could switch to a third party system like Livefyre or Disqus, but if you’d prefer to keep everything in house or some other kind of... Read More , there are tutorials for techniques, gear updates, and even post-production methods. Since Bloom is in the field (and apparently doing a good job at it – just saying), you can rest assured that the content on this site is completely relevant. The articles also go into detail covering specific lenses and specific parts of the gear.

Furthermore, his methods go beyond “this looks like a cool shot” and into the technical side, covering items such as DSLR workflow. Overall, Bloom’s site is a go-to guide for DSLR video.

DSLR Video Shooter

dslr tutorial

DSLR Video Shooter is a blog written by shooter-editor Caleb Pike, a gentleman with a wide range of knowledge concerning DSLR video. He has made it his mission for his site not to be a “DSLR fan boy 10 Hilarious Apple Ad Parody Videos for the Non-Fanboys & Fangirls If you're an Apple fanboy or fangirl then Apple can do no wrong. And their commercials are perfect slices of marketing genius that border on being works of art. The rest of us find most... Read More blog”, and he is dedicated to publishing useful techniques and resources concerning DSLR video production. However, his site does not only cover DSLR video tutorials. He actually goes beyond these tutorials to publish DSLR work by other people, general gear reviews, and even video technology news. It seems like Pike has a lot going on for his blog.



dslr video tutorial

Cinema5D is a forum for professionals Check Out These 4 Online Video Communities For Budding Filmmakers As a video production student, I still don't know what direction I'm going in. I don't know if I want to make music videos, and I don't know if I want to make documentaries. I... Read More to gather and share the tricks of the DSLR video trade. Taking its name from the Canon 5D Mk II camera (which was actually used to shoot an episode of the U.S. show House), the site focuses on high-quality DSLR video production. The content of the site covers all things DSLR ranging from lenses to frame-rates to lighting. This is a perfect site to learn from various resources all at once seeing that the entire site is user-generated.


DSLR video was a game-changer, and as technology grows (especially after looking at the recent NAB conference), we will likely see traces of DSLR-style production grow with it. Fortunately, the Internet is a great way to keep up and apply tech to creativity.

What other sites do you use for DSLR video tips? Do you have any DSLR video tips yourself?


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  1. JP
    September 2, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that the link in the section about Philip Bloom "super-blog" doesn't actually go to his site.

    • Joshua Lockhart
      September 2, 2012 at 10:12 am

      Hey JP! Thanks for the feedback. That was just a little context link that goes to another article on the site (which would happen to be about blogging). Click where it says Philip Bloom and it should work.

  2. Hoku Sarroca
    August 13, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    I have never used the video for my t1i , it's great to be able to play around with the diff settings. and to remember to change the settings LOL. Just the lens are so costly, it's like buying a brand new camera..

  3. Liene Bur??te
    July 20, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Thanks a lot for this! I will surely check these out! But I didn't know, that vimeo has a video school. Another proof that it's better than youtube. (:

  4. Laureen Mendoza
    July 18, 2012 at 10:23 am

    nice! will definitely visit these sites!

  5. JBjerga
    July 17, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Just getting into digital photography and digital painting, so these are definitely great resources, thank you! I always take your recommendations for websites, what would I do without you? ;)