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Angela Randall 16-02-2012

find auditionsIf you’re an actor or musician of some sort you’ve probably wondered more than a few times how you can easily find out about all the good gigs. I’ll bet you’ve also wished there was an easy way for talent seekers to simply find you and ask you to audition, too. Well, StarNow is doing a great job of connecting these dots and bringing all the best talent and best jobs together.


StarNow is a worldwide talent directory, much like LinkedIn, with plenty of active job offers in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. Signing up will instantly get you on the mailing list for the best jobs in your area, so you can stay in the loop whether you fill out your profile fully or not.

Your Star Now Profile

A free StarNow profile will cover everything a talented artist will need at a basic level. Upload a small biography, some photos a video clip of you in action and some audio clips. It’s basically your résumé, show-reel and best vocal recordings all in one.

find auditions

If you’re willing to pay for a premium membership, StarNow will give you more room for photos, video and audio files, plus they’ll actively promote your profile in their talent directory. However, even if you don’t pay, your profile is still public and indexed by search engines. It’s all good exposure.

Band Profiles

If you’re part of a band or wanting to form a band, StarNow lets you create a profile for the band too. Even if you only list a quick blurb and link to your website you’re still improving your exposure.


find auditions in your area

Talent-Seekers On StarNow

If you’re an agent, director or promoter of a talent competition you’re probably looking to place an advert in StarNow to get some of the best talent auditioning for you. The good news is that it’s free for you to sign up and advertise in their directory. The great news is that there’s no commission either. StarNow make their money from paid profiles, so there’s always an incentive for new jobs to be posted.

find auditions in your area

Worldwide Jobs

Although mostly you’ll be looking for gigs in your area, there’s also scope to find work anywhere in the world. These days, many people are willing to travel for the right opportunity, so some job offers will go out to everyone.


find auditions in your area

Also, with digital recordings and Internet being so easy to use, it’s possible to do some auditions and even some of the work via the Internet. Smart employers will cast the net wide when considering these things.

StarNow limit free members to certain jobs and make all jobs available to their paid members.

Mailing List & Matching Jobs

When signing up, you choose all the types of work you’re interested in. This determines which jobs you’ll be informed about via the matching jobs list and the mailing list and also ensures you’re not receiving notifications about things for which you have no interest.


find auditions

Where do you look to find your gigs? What’s the best advice you have about building a StarNow profile for models, actors and singers? Let us know!

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