Spur: Critical Analysis Of A Webpage’s Visual Design

If you are a web or graphic designer and you really want to put your design through lots of tests, Spur is the tool to use. It is a free web service that allows you to critique a design by displaying it in various modes. You can view it in grey scale, in high contrast, with a blurred effect, a mirrored effect, with the intersection tool, rotate it at 90 degrees or at a 50% zoom. At any time, you can click the original button to view the original size and display.

Hovering your mouse over each of the display options allow you to reveal tips on how to analyze and critque a design using that particular option. You can share the design with any particular display mode enabled via a unique URL.

design analysis


  • Displays a web page or image multiple modes.
  • Includes grey scale, contrast, blur and mirror effects.
  • No registration required.

Visit Spur @ http://www.spurapp.com 

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