10 More Spreadsheet Templates to Manage Your Money

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Managing your money well is extremely important, yet can be quite a hassle 6 Easy Tools for People Who Hate Managing Finances Do you hate managing your finances? Does writing out a budget fill you with dread? Check out these easy tools that make the process much easier and more enjoyable. Read More . In order to lighten that burden, try helpful templates with built-in calculations. These spreadsheet templates come populated with categories so you can get started quickly. Plus, they are editable, which allows you to tailor them to your needs.


For even more money management templates, be sure to check out these first 10 spreadsheet options 15 Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Managing Your Finances Always keep track of your financial health. These free Excel spreadsheet templates are the tools you need to manage your money. Read More .

1. Personal Expenses Tracker

For a neat and clean way to track your personal expenses, give this template a try. The workbook includes three sections for a dashboard, expense log, and category setup.

You can get a clear picture of your expenses with the dashboard. The interactive graph lets you apply filters to view expenses by month, category, or subcategory. The expense log is where you enter each item with the date, category, subcategory, amount, and an optional note.

Those transactions will then automatically display on the dashboard. The category setup area is pre-populated with common categories and subcategories, but you can edit this easily.

personal expenses tracker spreadsheet


2. Personal Weekly Budget Spreadsheet

While many people work from a monthly budget, you may prefer to manage your money weekly. This workbook includes both weekly and biweekly templates for an entire month. Plus, you can view the handy month-to-date totals.

The top of the template provides you with a quick glance at your income, expenses, and projected ending balance. These amounts are automatically populated based on your entries below it. You can enter various income types such as wages, interest, and gifts.

Then, move down to your expenses which are separated nicely by category. These categories include home, health, transportation, and subscription expenses.

personal weekly budget spreadsheet


3. Money Tracker

The Money Tracker template works in Microsoft Excel on your desktop as well as your mobile device. While its intent is to help teenagers and young adults easily manage their money, anyone can use it.

You can manage your cash, checking account, credit account, and savings within one single workbook. As you enter the transaction amounts, the balance at the top adjusts for each section.

You can change the categories used in the settings area of the workbook along with payees, credit accounts, and savings funds. Then when you add transactions, you just select one from the list.

money tracker spreadsheet


4. Home Budget Worksheet

If what you really need is a complete and detailed home budgeting tool, then this template is ideal. You simply enter your income and expenses to manage your household budget 7 Useful Excel Sheets to Instantly Improve Your Family's Budget It's not always easy to set up a family budget, but these seven templates will give you the structure you need to get started. Read More on a monthly basis.

The portion at the top displays net income minus expenses along with predicted and actual ending balances. Once you enter income from work, gifts, or interest, you then pop in your expenses for the top to populate.

You will notice that the expenses are conveniently categorized by deductible and non-deductible. With many categories from business expenses and charities to daily living and utilities, this is a helpful spreadsheet for managing your money by month.

home budget worksheet spreadsheet


5. Credit Account Register

If you like to watch your credit account closely and make sure things match up when you receive your statement, this template is for you.

You can begin easily by entering your credit limit and percentage ratio at the top. Then, just enter transactions along with dates, descriptions, categories, and amounts below it. You can also add a tag or memo, and an R or C to indicate reconcile or cleared, respectively.

You can see your ending balance after each entry and check out a category summary. You can also open the settings tab to change the categories and payees if needed.

credit account register spreadsheet

6. Credit Card Payoff Calculator

To find out when that credit card will be paid off, use this handy calculator. Just enter the balance owed, interest rate percentage, minimum monthly payment, and proposed monthly payment.

You will then see how many months it will take to pay off the credit card by making only the minimum payment compared to the proposed payment. You can also look at how much total interest you will be paying based on the minimum and proposed payments as well.

This is a terrific way to adjust proposed payment amounts based on your budget to get that card paid off quickly.

credit card payoff calculator spreadsheet

7. Debt Reduction Calculator

If you have more debt than just a single credit account, this calculator is a great tool. You just add credit card, auto loan 5 Calculators to Decide If You Can Afford a New Car or House Taking out a loan can be a complicated procedure, but figuring out if it's a good idea in the first place can be even more difficult. Read More , and student loan details, pick a strategy, and then view the payment schedule.

First, fill out the creditor information table and then select your strategy from a variety of options. You can pick snowball, which starts with the lowest balance first, or avalanche, which is the exact opposite. You can also use the order displayed in the creditor information table or create a custom strategy.

Then, move over to the payment schedule sheet to view all the details based on the strategy you choose. The key to success with this debt reduction calculator is sticking to that schedule.

debt reduction calculator spreadsheet

8. Retirement Budget Planner

When you want to get a general idea of what monies will be needed when you retire, check out this planner. This can help you start to prepare and have a good inkling before you speak to an advisor.

Begin by entering your current age and age of retirement. Then, enter your income sources followed by housing, personal, daily living, and medical expenses.

The summary at the bottom will adjust based on your entries. This shows you the annual income required, estimated income, and annual income shortfall.

retirement budget planner spreadsheet

9. Event Budget Template

If you need to plan one or more events How to Use Google Keep to Plan Almost Any Event Have a big event to plan? Google Keep can help you share the planning, mark up materials, and have a safe place to organize everything without the worry. Read More , this budget template can help you prepare easily. The workbook includes sheets for a camping event, seminar, and bike race. However, these are basically samples that you can use and edit to fit your event.

Enter a description, select a category, and add a quantity and unit cost for each expense. As you do this, you will see the area at the top adjust to provide you a summary. You can review the budget summary as well as expenses with income in a nifty graph. You will also see expense amounts broken out by category. This is useful if you have a strict budget for certain items like the location or supplies.

event budget template spreadsheet

10. Wedding Budget

When the event you are planning is a wedding Weddings Are Stressful: 12 Websites for Stress-Free Planning While wedding planning will never be easy, it certainly doesn't have to be stressful. How much easier wedding planning can be if someone just pointed you to the right tools. Read More , use a budget planner created specifically for that special day. Every category needed from simple ceremonies to extravagant weddings is already in this template for you.

This workbook uses two sheets to budget your wedding. The first is the wedding budget information sheet. You will enter your contribution amount and then amounts for each item, from clothing to decorations. Those amounts are then automatically populated on the budget estimator sheet.

The goal is to stay within the estimated amounts and you will see any variances on the wedding budget sheet. This will allow you to easily see where you can cut corners if needed.

wedding budget spreadsheet

Keep an Eye on the Cash

When it comes to managing your money, having the right tools is essential 15 Cool Tools for Easy Expense Tracking and Budgeting Tracking your expenses and budgeting are two crucial parts of being financial healthy. These 15 apps make it easy to do both. Read More . Whether it is a long-term plan to pay off debt or a short-term budget for an event, these templates give you easy ways to handle those finances.

Is there a financial spreadsheet template that you were hoping would be on this list? If you are looking for a particular one to help you with your money, let us know in the comments!

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