Spotify Gets An Update For DJs – Adds Gapless Playback And Cross-Fade [News]

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Spotify Gets An Update For DJs - Adds Gapless Playback And Cross-Fade [News] Spotify LogoSpotify is already one of the more popular music platforms, and now they are taking aim at DJs by adding some awesome features that cater to their needs. They have a launched a new version of their desktop software that brings features that may persuade professional DJs to use Spotify as their go-to program.

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This new update adds a gapless playback feature, that rolls one song right into the next. Even if you aren’t a DJ, that 2 second gap between songs is annoying, and it is nice to see it go. Gapless playback is enabled by default, so if you prefer the old way, you will have to go into Spotify’s preference screen and turn it off.

The other feature that comes with this update is the ability to cross-fade songs. This is the method used by DJs to mix two songs smoothly, and in most cases, it is a necessary feature for professional DJs. Even for regular users, it is fun to mix music together at a party, so having the cross-fader is a nice addition.

Spotify Gets An Update For DJs - Adds Gapless Playback And Cross-Fade [News] spotifyupdate

This update also comes with faster artist browsing. They also included some improvements to the social playlist features of the app. Spotify has made it easier for Windows users to drag and drop with the app. The last change is the ability to save the “Now Playing” section for later.

Spotify should prompt you to update automatically, but if they don’t you can download the Windows version here and the Mac version here.

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  1. Phatcat09
    March 5, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    You've undermined DJs everywhere with this article...

  2. Sharninder
    March 1, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Only thing I want to know is when are they launching in India. I've had it with maintaining and carrying around a 20GB library of music!