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5 Third-Party Spotify Web Apps for an Even Better Streaming Experience

Mihir Patkar 13-03-2018

You know what makes Spotify awesome? The several web apps that make the music streaming service better than ever.


The best part about these is that they all run through any browser, you don’t need to download or install anything. We’ve talked about other such Spotify web apps to make the service better 7 Web Apps to Make Spotify Better Than Ever Spotify is already pretty damn good, being one of the best music streaming services around. But there are ways to make Spotify even better, as these awesome web apps show. Read More , and this new lot is as amazing, if not more so.

1. Rekl.Be: Playlist Based on Tastes of Multiple Profiles

third-party spotify web apps

Spotify tracks the likes of every user separately. That’s how you get automagic playlists based on your tastes Discover New Music with Spotify's Automagic Playlists Spotify has recently released several new ways of generating unique playlists that will help you discover awesome new music. We're here to guide you through these automagic playlist makers. Read More . But when you are listening to music together, you can only get a single person’s tastes, right?

Rekl changes that equation to add multiple profiles, and creates a new playlist based on collective likes and dislikes. It’s pretty simple, actually. Create a Rekl room and send an invitation to your friends. There is no signup process, everyone can log in with existing Spotify accounts.

Once everyone is in the room, generate a playlist. That playlist will be added to the room creator’s account directly. And now you can all listen to music that everyone loves!


2. TrackQueen: All the Details About the Song You’re Playing

Spotify is all about listening to the music, but you don’t get to know much more about the music. So fire up TrackQueen in a second browser tab and you’ll find everything you could possibly be curious about. But yeah, you need to use the Spotify web player 7 Reasons to Start Using the Spotify Web Player Today Spotify is about to shake things up by making the desktop and web app experiences more similar. So, it's about time many of us asked ourselves, Why not just use the web app instead? Read More for this.

When you’re listening to any song, refresh the TrackQueen tab. You’ll immediately get song lyrics, track annotations, artist bio and interviews, the music video, and much more. The information comes from other services like Musixmatch, YouTube, Wikipedia, and more.

It’s a fantastic, free, and easy-to-use app to improve your experience, and even add features Spotify removed How to Restore the Best Features Spotify Has Removed Spotify may be the best music streaming service available, but it has shed a few features in recent years. Find out how to get the best lost features of Spotify back for good. Read More like the song lyrics.

3. Birth Hits: The Billboards Playlist on Your Birthday (or Any Day)

third-party spotify web apps

The Billboards have been the most popular (maybe most respected) music charts for the longest time now. So why not listen to whoever was topping the charts on the day you were born?

It’s as simple as it sounds. Go to the site, pick your birthdate from the calendar, and generate the Billboards playlist for that day. And instead of that day’s list, you can even make a playlist of all birthdays since the day you were born.

Once you have the list, open it as a playlist in Spotify. If you’re on mobile, it can be opened on the Spotify app so you can save it or share it with friends.

4. SpotOnTrack: Spotify Charts With Personalized Tracking

third-party spotify web apps

Forget about the Billboards, if you really want to know which musician is on top The 6 Best Websites to Track Current Top 40 Music Hits Read More these days, check what’s trending on Spotify. SpotOn is the Spotify Billboards tracker you never knew you needed.

You get daily and weekly charts of the most played items, with a full count of how many times it was streamed, along with its beats per minutes. Otherwise, you can also check what’s going viral. And finally, you can change it by country.

The coolest feature is that you can track your favorite artists so that you don’t miss any of their chart-topping hits. Whether it’s an old one or new, it’s always nice to see that what you like is trending, right?

5. Sort Your Music: Sort Playlists by Several Filters

third-party spotify web apps

Spotify lets you move tracks around to organize your playlists. There’s the shuffle button as well. But there are lots of hidden parameters that can make your favorite playlists better than ever before. Sort Your Music will do the heavy lifting for you.

Of course, you’ll have to first sign into Spotify and import your playlist. Then you can sort by artist, release date, beats per minute, energy, dance, loudness, valence, length, acoustic, and pop. This can be especially useful to create the perfect workout playlist Science Says This Is How You Make a Perfect Workout Playlist The number of beats in a song can change how you feel. Now, use a neat software to make your own workout playlists with the right kind of songs and pump up your exercise sessions. Read More .

What you’ll get is a whole new playlist; remember, you’ll need to save the playlist again if you want it to show up in your Spotify account.

Which Spotify Web Apps Do You Use?

There are so many of these apps and tricks to make Spotify better. In fact, you might even be using Spotify wrong without knowing it 4 Ways You're Using Spotify Wrong Without Even Knowing It Lots of people use Spotify. But are you using it efficiently? Find out 4 common errors Spotify users make. Read More .

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    Hi! I built TrackQueen, thanks for the feature! You can actually use the Spotify app on mobile (either iOS or Android) and use TrackQueen in your mobile browser and/or add it your homescreen as a web app. You're not required to use the Spotify web player, feel free to use the native apps on mobile and desktop. ?


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  3. tacos
    March 13, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    and yet its impossible for Spotify to play only censored versions to my 7 year old. its so cool to hear her drop some of the new words she's hearing thanks to non-radio-edit-versions. utterly worthless service to a lot of people if it doesn't have a "family" mode.