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Spotify Is Now Cheaper for Students in 36 Countries

Dave Parrack 19-04-2017

Spotify has, since 2014, been offering Premium subscriptions at a discount to students in the U.S., the UK, and Germany. Now it’s offering the same sweet deal to students in 33 more countries. If you can prove you’re a student in any of those countries you can get Spotify Premium for half the price.


Our music tastes evolve rapidly when we’re young, eventually slowing down and stopping when we get older. Which means that students are prime candidates for getting the most out of Spotify, as they’ll happily listen to whatever new music Spotify recommends to them How to Make Spotify Recommend Music You'll Enjoy In this article we give you five tips for making Spotify get to know you better. These should help Spotify's algorithms recommend music better suited to your personal tastes. Read More . The only potential problem is the cost of subscribing to Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify is trying to help lower the cost of streaming with its Spotify Premium for Students program. This halves the cost of Premium for eligible students in a number of countries around the world. The U.S., the UK, and Germany have benefitted for several years, but Spotify has now added a host of new countries to the list.

The 33 new countries added to the list are Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, The Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, The Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.

To sign up to receive the student discount, you need to head to spotify.com/student and sign up to the offer. Before the half-price discount is applied, however, you’ll need to verify that you’re eligible to receive it. This is being managed by a company called SheerID which specializes in authentication.

Spotify claims the offer is open to students for “every year of their student life,” which would suggest it can be renewed ad infinitum for as long as you remain a student. However, in the U.S. at least the student discount has previously been limited to a maximum of four years.


Hooked on a Feeling

Spotify must be trying to get students hooked on using Spotify in the hopes that they’ll continue paying for Premium long after they finish their studies. Which isn’t a bad strategy, especially for a generation increasingly comfortable with never actually owning anything The End of Ownership: Netflix, Spotify, and The Streaming Generation Streaming media is convenient, but you're giving up something important: ownership of digital media. Read More .

Have you got a Spotify Premium subscription? Do you think it’s good value for money? Are you a student in one of the countries listed above? If so, will you be taking advantage of the half-price student discount? If not, why not? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Michael Fötsch via Flickr

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