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Spotify Launches Charts to Help You Find New Podcasts

Dave Parrack 14-07-2020

Spotify has launched new podcast charts designed to help you find new podcasts to listen to. From today (July 14) you’ll be able to browse charts listing the Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts for your country. All from within the Spotify app on Android and iOS.


The Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts charts will be available in 26 markets, including the US, the UK, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and Germany. They’ll be available within the Spotify app on both Android and iOS, replacing the existing “Top Shows” chart.

How to View Spotify’s New Podcast Charts

To view the two new podcast charts, open the Spotify app on your mobile, and tap the Search icon in the middle. Scroll down to Browse All and tap Podcasts. You should then see a category called Podcast Charts. Tap that to reveal the charts in your region.

The Top Podcasts chart shows the most popular podcasts. The Trending Podcasts chart shows new and emerging podcasts. In some countries you’ll also be able to see the top podcasts in particular categories, such as Comedy, Arts, and Education. All updated daily.

If you scroll down even further you should see “Top Podcasts by Category” and “Podcast Charts by Country”. Tap one of these to discover new categories of podcast you didn’t even know existed, or see what podcasts are popular in countries other than your own.


Whichever way you choose to explore Spotify’s new podcast charts, the result should be that you’ll find something new to listen to. And with Spotify now boasting that there are more than 1 million podcasts on its platform, you’ll never have to sit in silence again.

Get More People to Listen to Your Podcast

Not so long ago, there was a very limited range of podcasts worth listening to. If you wanted to listen to a podcast about your favorite sports team, you would only have a few to choose from. Now, there are likely to be dozens of podcasts for every sports team.

Charts are therefore becoming a crucial tool for podcast listeners who need as much help as they can sorting the good from the bad. The only problem for podcasters is getting enough listeners in the first place. Luckily, Spotify wants to help with that Spotify Wants to Help Podcasters Get More Listeners Spotify has launched Spotify for Podcasters, a dedicated platform just for podcasters and the podcasts they record. Read More .

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