Spotify App Supper. Feeds Your Senses With Food & Music

Nancy Messieh 01-01-2014

The last place you would expect to find interesting recipes to try out in your kitchen is on the music streaming platform Spotify. Last October, however, Spotify introduced Supper., an app developed by Artisan Council that combines feeding the senses and feeding the tummy all in one place. And yes the full-stop in Supper. is intentional.


Supper. combines two of people’s greatest passions by intertwining the two experiences of eating and listening to music. Introducing the app, Spotify explains how it works:

“Supper.” specializes in serving mouthwatering recipes that are paired with hand crafted playlists, with each recipe featuring 2 playlists; one playlist for preparation, and one playlist for partying (or eating, whichever you prefer). Each recipe also has a complimentary Hipstamatic snap to get your taste buds salivating and assist with perfect presentation.

The app has been graced by curators from restaurants all the way from the United States to Australia, and in between. The playlists for preparing the food have been created based on how long it should take to create the dish, but when it comes to actually eating the final product, the playlists are rather long — clearly encouraging a slow meal where you savour every bite.

So what can you expect when using the app? When you launch Supper., the first thing you’ll see is a grid of recipes, with an easy to follow legend for each item. At a glance, you can tell how many people the recipe serves, the level of difficulty of the recipe, and the principle ingredient. You’ll find everything to cook from simple sandwiches and salads, to intricate seafood dishes and deserts.


Clicking on any given recipe, you’ll be greeted with a mouthwatering image to inspire you before you begin to cook.



You can also see where the recipe came from — the chef (along with his/her picture) and a link to their restaurant, together with a list of the ingredients, the steps you have to take to make the meal, and any garnish you might serve with the dish. You can also see how long the recipe should take to prepare.


More importantly, Spotify includes the playlists you should listen to while preparing and eating the meal. Make sure that you don’t have Spotify on shuffle while you prepare the food, because we’re guessing the order of the songs counts too. While you can listen to the playlist while cooking and eating your culinary creations, if you really like the playlist, you can also add it to your saved playlists and listen to it whenever you want — no cooking required.



In addition to all the great recipes you can find on Supper., by clicking on the ‘Drinks’ tab, you can also mix yourself the perfect drink to party with, and of course, each drink is accompanied by a playlist for you to drink to. (Before gaining access to this tab, you have to enter your date of birth.)


Fancy yourself a bit of a culinary whizz?  You can also submit your own recipe [Broken URL Removed] and playlists to be featured on Spotify’s Supper.


Supper. is a brilliant little app that serves a need that you probably never knew you had.  If your two loves happen to be food and music — then the free Spotify app, Supper., may be one of the greatest little additions to your music listening life. It will help you discover great tunes you might have otherwise missed and rediscover music you’ve forgotten about, all while cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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What do you think of the Spotify app Supper.? Does it live up to your cooking expectations or does it fall flat? Let us know in the comments.

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