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The Spotify App Sucks… 7 Alternatives to Try Today

Dan Price 03-07-2017

We all know the recent overhaul of the Spotify web app Everything Wrong With the New Spotify Web Player Did you know Spotify has now given its Web Player a makeover? Well, we say "upgrade," but this feels more like a downgrade. Here's why. Read More was a total disaster. But let’s be honest, the desktop version isn’t great either.


Sure, if all you want to do is search for artists and listen to songs, it’s fine. However, if you want a more fulfilling experience with extra tools and additional functionality, it’s sorely lacking. Ironically, it used to be much better, but Spotify is obsessed with stripping away much-loved features How to Restore the Best Features Spotify Has Removed Spotify may be the best music streaming service available, but it has shed a few features in recent years. Find out how to get the best lost features of Spotify back for good. Read More in order to provide a minimalist experience.

The biggest blow to the desktop app’s usefulness came in 2015 when third-party app support was axed. In our minds, it has never recovered.

Thankfully, there is a thriving community of developers dedicated to making third-party Spotify apps. Many of these introduce features that are absent from the official version. Here are seven of the best Spotify alternatives for you to try today.

1. Soundbounce

Available on: Windows, Mac (beta), Chrome

Work on Soundbounce began in late 2014 after Spotify decided to do away with third-party apps.


Its focus is on collaboration. Spotify does permit collaborative playlists (open a playlist and go to Menu > Collaborative Playlist), but Soundbounce takes this to a whole new level.

soundbounce spotify

The Soundbounce app revolves around “Rooms”. Join a Room dedicated to the music you want to hear, and you can chat in realtime with other users, vote on tracks you want to listen to, and add music to the room to share with others. You’re also free to create your own Room if you can’t find one to match your musical tastes.

If you want to use Soundbounce, you’ll need a Spotify Premium account Is Spotify Premium Worth Its Premium Price? Is Spotify Premium worth its premium price? Discover what Premium offers and whether you should upgrade from Spotify Free. Read More . The app relies on Spotify’s LibSpotify SDK.


2. Festify

Available on: Windows, Mac

With more than 35 million songs, Spotify is the ultimate way to get your party started How to Get Any Party Started Using Spotify Whether you're hosting a calm hangout session with some of your closest friends or organizing a crazy all-nighter with whoever the hell shows up, Spotify can help get any party started. Read More . It doesn’t matter whether you want to host a dance-music inspired rave or a sophisticated evening of cool jazz — Spotify has got you covered.

However, while you can’t argue with the amount of music Spotify offers, the “party tools” are less impressive. In fact, they’re non-existent.

festify spotify


Festify comes to the rescue. Getting started is easy, you just need to download the app and connect it with your Spotify Premium account. Guests can then scan your party’s unique QR code to join in. All guests can vote on the songs they want to hear and add suggestions to the queue. It also offers automatic “fall back playlists” in case you run out of tunes.

As party owner, you can override the voting, pause playback, and password-protect the app.

3. Fidelify

Available on: Windows

If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you can choose the sound quality of the app’s audio output. On the desktop app, go to Edit > Preferences > Music Quality. On mobile, head to Settings > Music Quality > Streaming.


fidelify spotify

As such, you might think you’re getting the best output Spotify can provide. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. If you’re listening through the Windows desktop app, the music is filtered through the Windows sound mixer. Sometimes, the process can slightly impinge on the quality. Regular users might not care, but if you consider yourself an audiophile Are You an Audiophile? These 10 Questions Reveal the Truth You might think you are an audiophile, but in reality very few music lovers tick all of the necessary boxes. Are you really an audiophile? Or are you just a great pretender? Read More , it’s annoying.

The Fidelify player fixes the issue. It can run in WASAPI mode, thus bypassing your computer’s mixer and giving you a richer sound experience.

4. Mopidy

Available on: Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi

Mopidy is different from the other apps we’ve discussed so far because it’s not Spotify-specific. Instead, it acts as a music-playing hub for lots of services.

In addition to Spotify, the app also works with Google Play Music, Soundcloud, The internet Archive, TuneIn Radio, YouTube, and more.

The app is not suitable for beginners. It’s not as simple as merely downloading it and getting stuck in. You will need to install all of the backend extensions you want to use for different services, as well as web interfaces and individual features such as touchscreen support and pop-up notifications.

Nonetheless, if you’re a tech-savvy tinkerer, it’s one of the best Spotify alternatives available.

5. Tomahawk

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Tomahawk is an easier-to-use version on Mopidy. Like the previous app, it integrates with a vast array of services. These include Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Rhapsody, Deezer, and even your own locally saved collection. In total, it works with 27 different services.

tomahawk spotify

Rather than having to chase around between various apps and services, Tomahawk does all the hard work for you. You just enter the title of the song you want to listen to, and the app will display all of the sources in one simple list.

It’s also full of useful features that help make your listening experience more enjoyable. You can make cross-service playlists, see all the latest releases The 7 Best Websites to Check Out New Music Releases Here are the best new music websites for keeping up-to-date with new songs and album releases. Read More in one place, browse the music charts, and even synchronize your listening with friends and influencers.

6. Djay

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

DJing is another area where the default Spotify app offers zero functionality. Djay is the solution. If you’re involved in the clubbing scene, you might already be aware of the app. It’s one of the most well-known and easily accessible DJ tools 3 Top Cross-Platform DJ Apps to Get Your Party Started I’ve got a thing for vinyl, especially white labels. If it’s dusty, dubiously labelled and going for a couple of dollars then I absolutely have to buy it. Digital DJing takes some of the fun... Read More on the web, and the Spotify library is fully integrated.

The app looks like you would expect any DJ app to look. There are two virtual turntables, and you can queue music on each of them. Features include tempo, pitch-bend, filter, and EQ controls, as well as looping and cue points and a sampler. Best of all, you don’t even need to be a DJing expert: the Automix feature will make perfect mixes without any input from you.

Unfortunately, the app is not free. The desktop versions cost around $80 and the mobile versions cost about $5. On the positive side, if you’re not already a Spotify Premium subscriber, you will get a free trial.

7. Clementine

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux

Clementine grew out of the once popular Amarok music player. It’s similar to Mopidy and Tomahawk: you can use it to listen to music from several sources, as well as your own local content.

Interestingly, it has cloud storage support — if you have saved music in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, you can access it through the app.

clementine spotify

You can also use Clementine as a podcast manager. Spotify introduced podcasts in 2016 but its library is very limited and it lacks the advanced features of a dedicated app such as Pocket Casts How to Manage Your Podcast Collection Using Pocket Casts Podcasts are growing in popularity. The problem is your collection of podcasts is probably getting a little out of hand. In this article we explain how to manage your podcast collection using Pocket Casts. Read More .

Which Third-Party Spotify App Do You Use?

These seven alternatives to the Spotify desktop app will all appeal to different types of listeners. Which app is right for you depends on how you want to use Spotify: are you a party animal, do you want more collaboration, or are you looking for a holistic music player?

If you’re still not convinced these apps will work for you, you might want to look into Amazon Music Unlimited or Apple Music Amazon Music vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which Is Best for You? This comparison of Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, and Spotify, will help you find the best music streaming service for you. Read More .

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      In Windows, you cannot choose the Playback device; it always uses the default. Fidelify does this, but it seems to have lost access to the playlists