How to Split and Merge Large Files in Windows

Brad Jones 13-06-2017

Need to break a large file down into chunks? These tools will help you do just that.


There are more ways than ever before to transfer large files 5 Ways to Transfer Files From One Computer to Another Need to transfer files from one PC to another? Here's how to do that quickly and easily, using both hardware and software. Read More  from one system to another. However, sometimes it’s more convenient to break that down into smaller parts and then merge it back together at its destination.

Various different tools will help you carry out this operation, and choosing the right one depends on your needs. Are you looking for a light utility that can run from a USB drive 7+ Great Games You Can Run from a USB Stick In just minutes, you can load up a flash drive with lots of great games to keep in your pocket. And you can play them on any PC, any time -- here's how. Read More without installation? Or would you prefer a more in-depth program that offers tighter control over the process?

The applications below will give you a few different options that should cater to most usage cases. Choose one that fits and you’ll have your large file split into manageable chunks in no time.

1. HJ Split [No Longer Available]

HJ Split has long been the go-to utility for splitting and merging large files The Top 5 Free Apps to Merge or Split Video Files You don't need a high-end video editor to split and merge video files. Here are the best apps you can use to do this simple job. Read More . It’s free and it can run as an EXE without the need for an install process, which makes it particularly convenient if you flit between various different systems.

The tool is incredibly simple to use. Upon startup, you’ll see an option labeled Split on the menu.


hjsplit menu

This will take you to the Split menu, which is again very simple. There’s an Input field where you can select the file you’re looking to split up and an Output field where you can specify the folder it’ll end up in. There’s also a Split file size option where you can customize how large the chunks will be.

hjsplit file split

Click Start and the splitting process will begin. Then, you simply need to select the Join option from the main menu to reassemble it.


hjsplit file join

The utility’s developer, Freebyte, also offers a tool called HP Join. It’s got an even smaller footprint, which is handy when you only need to reassemble files, rather than split them up The 5 Best Audio Merger and Splitter Tools for MP3 Files If you need to split or merge audio files, these free audio splitter and audio merger tools are more than enough for the job. Read More .

2. GSplit

GSplit is a freeware utility along the same lines as HJ Split, but it offers some more in-depth customization options. For instance, files can be split into blocks of a particular size, a particular amount of blocks, or split into sizes auto-calculated by the program for maximum storage space efficiency.

There’s also the option to create a small standalone executable that merges all the pieces of a file together when necessary, without the need for the GSplit program. This is particularly useful if you’re splitting up files and then sharing them with other users.


The interface is broadly similar to HJ Split but with more options.

gsplit select file

The first step is to use the Browse button under the File to Split field to select the desired file. Next, click Destination Folder in the General menu to set where you want to split files to end up.

gsplit destination folder


This screen is fairly self-explanatory: just pick your preferred destination. Next, click Split File! to finalize your settings.

gsplit split file

Here, you can just click Split! to start the process. Of course, if you want to customize how big the pieces of your split file are, or take advantage of the automatic merging functionality described above, you can look at the Pieces and Self-Uniting options in the menu on the left.

3. PDFsam

It’s not unusual to need to merge or split a PDF file, and a general-purpose file splitting tool isn’t the best implement for the job. PDFsam allows users to tinker with their PDFs How to Create, Merge, Split & Markup PDF Documents on a Mac Don't pay for PDF software! Convert documents, merge or split PDFs, and annotate and sign forms for free on your Mac. Read More in a variety of ways, so it’s a good utility to have on hand if you work with these documents often.

The Basic version of the program is free and contains all the basic functionality you’ll need for a simple merge of split. Enhanced and Visual versions are available and offer advanced features, but they require a paid license.

pdfsam split and merge

Split and Merge are the two basic functions of PDFsam, with the other options offering minor variations on this functionality. Both work in much the same way.

pdfsam split

To split a PDF, users need to drag and drop the file into the highlighted box at the top of the screen. Then, they can make any necessary adjustments to the settings below, and click the Run button to start the process.

pdfsam merge

To merge, it’s a case of dropping multiple files into the area at the top, then specifying how they’re to be collated. Again, the Run button gets the process underway.

4. 7Zip

The popular compression utility is also capable of splitting files into parts, so long as you know where to look.

7zip add

First, create an archive as normal with the Add button.

7zip split to volume

On the Add to Archive screen, use the Split to volumes, bytes field to specify how large you want your chunks to be. The dropdown menu offers a few options, but you can type in a specific size if you need something more bespoke. Click OK and your file will be compressed down The Top 3 File Compression & Extraction Softwares Need to compress a large file? There's no shortage of file compression and archiving apps for Windows. But which file zipper is best for you? Here are our three top picks. Read More into its component parts. When you need to merge them back together, just make sure you start with the first in the series.

The Right Time to Split

The tools above should help you deal with most scenarios when you might need to split a file. However, it’s worth remembering that online file transfer services have come a long way in recent years.

You may be able to send a large file 4 Best Apps for Sharing Large Files Instantly With these apps, sharing large files with someone in a split second will be the easiest thing you've ever done. Read More over the internet without splitting it beforehand. Services like WeTransfer and Send Anywhere provide easy, reliable methods of getting files that are larger than 1 GB where they need to go. Sometimes, splitting a file is the right answer — but make sure you’re aware of all the options that are available to you!

Do you have a question about one of the utilities in this article? Or do you have another tool that you want to recommend? Either way, why not join the conversation in the comments section below?

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