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Israel Nicolas 13-01-2010

Most traditional webpages are typically linear, lengthy and very crowded. With Web 2.0 designs, we find more fluid layouts and easier interfaces. SpicyNodes is a website that takes content presentation a step further by offering new ways to build engaging and interactive websites with visual navigation. It lets you organize and arrange information in your website in an animated network of nodes, allowing visitors to visually navigate your content by clicking each node.


visual navigation

To make a SpicyNodes webpage, just signup for an account and proceed to create a nodemap. A nodemap is a collection of connected nodes that your website will be built upon. SpicyNodes lets you choose visual styles of your nodemap and you can also upload a text or an xml file to add content to your nodemap. The tricky part here is how you will arrange the information to show relationships between each node in a way that makes sense.

visual navigation

Aside from making interactive websites, SpicyNodes can also be used for other purposes as well such as mind mapping, site maps, organizational charts and data visualization.

SpicyNodes is currently free for individual use but organizations and businesses need to get a paid plan to be able to use the service.



  • Build visually enticing and interactive web pages using animated nodemaps.
  • Create unlimited nodemaps.
  • Customize the visual style.
  • Transform existing websites into a SpicyNodes web page.
  • Supports major languages.
  • Includes a built-in search engine for your site.
  • Embed SpicyNodes on your websites.
  • Track your site traffic.
  • Free for individual use, $24/month for organization, $14/month for enterprise.
  • Open source architecture.

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