SpiceAdvice: Online Guide To Using Spices

abhijeet 05-01-2010

Spice Advice is a nice site that acts as online guide to using spices. It has a plethora of information on different kinds of spices and helps you to decide the right spice combination for your meal. The site has spice usage tips, a spice encyclopedia and a comprehensive chart that tells you which spices should be added to the food and which ones to avoid. So if you are not sure if chili powder would go well with shrimp as an appetizer, you can quickly take a look at the chart to find out.


guide to using spices

The spice encyclopedia is pretty useful too. Just select a spice from the drop-down menu and you get information like spice description, geographical sources, storage tips, traditional ethnic uses and much more.

SpiceAdvice: Online Guide To Using Spices  spiceadvice2


  • A site about spices and how they should be used.
  • Spice chart tells you the right combination of spices and food.
  • Spice encyclopedia gives detailed information about spices.
  • A spice history page also available.

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  1. John in Austria
    January 6, 2010 at 12:10 am

    Thanks for that. Looks like a real interesting site and the information is always useful. Will place this at the top of my cooking bookmarks.