Spell With Flickr: Spell Out Words With Pictures From Flickr

Israel Nicolas 21-01-2010

Spell with Flickr is a web tool that lets you spell out words with pictures obtained from Flickr. This fun app generates random word images from One Letter and One Digit Flickr groups to spell the word that you typed.


spell out words with pictures

To get the word images, type the words that you want to spell out on the field box and click the spell button. It will then display thumbnails of letters and digits that make up the word that you want to spell out. You can click each image to go to their respective Flickr page or get another random image for each letter.

In addition, the app also generates an embed code for the images generated so that you can easily post them to your website. You can also change the tile size of these images from their original dimensions so that each letter has the same size.

spell out words with pictures


  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Spell out words using letter images from Flickr easily.
  • Generates Javascript badge and HTML code that you can embed.
  • Change the tile size from regular dimensions to square.
  • Open source code.

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