SpeakerGram: Online Platform For Speakers & Event Organizers To Connect
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SpeakerGram is a web based service that helps speakers and event organizers to connect with each other and manage requests. If you are a speaker, you can sign up with them, create a profile, and promote it on your site by embedding their “Book me now” badge. The event organizers can send requests by filling in a request form that includes all the relevant details such as location, date, fee, etc. The speaker receives all the requests in his inbox, all neatly organized and sorted for him to go through.

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The site already has some well known profiles listed as speakers. Even companies like Eventbrite and FourSquare are currently using it to book and manage speaking engagements for their top employees.


  • Online tool to connect speakers and event organizers.
  • Speakers can create and promote their profiles.
  • Event organizers can send structured requests by filling a form.
  • Companies like EventBrite and FourSquare are already using it.

Check out SpeakerGram @ www.speakergram.com

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