Donate Spare CPU Cycles and Mine Cryptocurrency for Charity

Saikat Basu 17-11-2017

You can save the world one tab at a time: by earning cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, without any effort. And you don’t even have to understand what Bitcoin actually is! Though it helps to know where your “money” is coming from.


If you know something about Bitcoin, then you know that cryptocurrencies have to be “mined.” You can donate your computer power to take part in a cryptocurrency peer-to-peer network, and you’ll get rewarded with “coins” proportional to the amount of computing power you donate to the network.

How to Mine Cryptocurrency for Charity

Donate Your Tab is a charity that takes your mined cryptocurrency (or any other currency) and helps raise money for worthy causes.

The good news is that you don’t need to khow any of the technical details of cryptocurrency mining. You simply have to leave one tab open with the site loaded on it.

Donate Your Tab

The three simple steps are:

  1. Browse to Donate Your Tab.
  2. Choose a worthy cause from the choices on the left.
  3. Toggle the switch on the right to the On position.

The site will use your computer’s spare CPU power to mine the digital currency for the cause. Donate You Tab mines the digital currency called Monero which needs less computing power to mine compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Can It Make a Dent?

Mike Bodge, the developer says that mining cryptocurrency is a long game. He offers this perspective on the About page:

“Let’s say you can make $0.05 for leaving this thing running in a browser tab all day. $0.05 x 100,000 users x 365 days = $1,825,000 to charity.”

Not bad for a year’s worth of opening one extra tab, when you keep so many of them open every day. Of course, the success of this initiative will depend a lot on the number of worthy individuals who donate a tab. Spread the word.

Have you ever donated your idle computer time to a good cause? Which was the specific grid computing project? What do you think about Donate Your Tab?

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  1. Paul Benjmin
    November 17, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    I haven’t done coins but have been doing seti@home, milkyway@home, Einstein@home for a decade. They are doing science with my cpu time. This just is making money with cpu time. The idea is the same, just a different spin.