Spanning: Get Business Grade Cloud To Cloud Backup For Google Apps

Spanning offers a great way for users to backup their important documents in Google Apps. It’s literally taking your cloud-based stuff and backing it up on a different cloud. This gives you the security of knowing that your important items are stored in multiple places. If something catastrophic happens, you will be safe.

cloud to cloud backup

Google has protection from their own accidents, but if the data loss is your fault, Google will not be able to help in any way. That is where Spanning fills in the gap, because they allow you to restore data that is lost, without having to involve Google. This is crucial for a business owner who stores their important documents in the cloud. Losing these documents could mean a tremendous loss of money, and that could be terrible for the business.

cloud to cloud backup

Spanning also offers status reports, so you can always know that your apps are safe and running properly. It will tell system admins what went down, how and why. This is critical information for preventing a future problem before it starts.


  • Provides backup for your Google Apps.
  • 99.9% up-time, so you know your stuff is safe.
  • Unlimited storage for your documents.
  • Monitors to find out what went wrong, why and how.
  • Keep track of how much storage and which users are using the most space.
  • Peace of mind knowing you will not lose your Google App information if something happens.

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