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Israel Nicolas 31-01-2011

If you are a member of a band, or an artist breaking into the music scene, you will find a fast-evolving industry that provides new opportunities for people to publish their music. One tool that signals this change is Songtrust. This app provides musicians with an avenue to take control in publishing their music and protecting their artistic rights while getting paid royalties for their work.


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Songtrust hopes to replace traditional music publishing managers, especially if you are an independent artist. The tool allows you to upload your songs to register and secure them online. Once your song is registered, some companies may use your music commercially. Songtrust tracks the music played and automatically credits you with earnings you made. You can check out My Reports to track your income by songs, type of use, album, genre, and more.

While the free version lets you upload your song and track royalties, you can upgrade to the premium version which allows your songs to be automatically added into the Songtrust licensing program. This means that your music can be placed in video games, ads, films, TV shows and more where you can earn more money. Songtrust is a paid subscription service starting from $10/month up to $30/month.

Songtrust is definitely a great tool for independent artists, giving you more time to focus on your music rather than deal with music licensing and legal stuff.


  • Upload and publish your song online.
  • Earn royalties automatically whenever your song is played commercially.
  • Manager your songs in the dashboard.
  • Track earnings by song, album. genre, and more.
  • Become a premium member to increase your songs’ exposure.

Check out Songtrust @

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  1. Steve
    February 11, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    I don't know. I wonder if independent artists will ever be able to make any headway against big business record companies. Seems they have so much power regardless. A few bands pulled it off but that was after they already made it.