SolveMedia: Earn Money Through CAPTCHAs On Your Site

TehseenBaweja 29-12-2010

With lots of banners, ad blocks, in-line ads and annoying pop-ups, it is easy for the consumer to lose attention rather than focus it on the message brands are trying to convey. How about if you actually make the consumer type in your brand message? Research has proven that actually typing in a statement makes us remember it more easily than just viewing it.


SolveMedia is an advertising solution that replaces horrific traditional CAPTCHAs with brand messages. In order to verify that they are human, the visitors have to type in the brand message they see in the image. This helps both the consumers as they get rid of the ultra-cluttered CAPTCHAs and advertisers as they can convey they message without annoying the consumer. Publishers can make money by easily embedding this technology on their websites.

Read here to know more about how you can use SolveMedia on your website.

earn money through captcha

For more info watch video below:


  • Brand messages conveyed through CAPTCHA.
  • Publishers can earn with CAPTCHAs on their website.
  • Not annoying unlike banner and pop-up ads.

Visit SolveMedia @

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  1. JJ
    February 16, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    I looked at the site. Seems a little scammy to me. You have to reach $200 in a month and maintain that level to get paid. Not great.