Soft Hyphenator: Transform Regular HTML Text Into Soft-Hyphened HTML

Israel Nicolas 21-02-2010

A justified alignment is the most ideal text alignment for webpages since it creates a clean, presentable look while allowing for flexible management of other elements in the page. However, paragraphs having an uneven distribution of long and short words could make a justified text alignment look awkward, as they may cause unsightly huge spacing between words throughout the text.


Soft Hyphenator is a web app that transforms a justified HTML text into a soft-hyphenated one, thus preventing the occurrence of huge spacing caused by such alignment, and making it more readable.


To soft-hyphenate your text, simply paste your HTML in the text box located on the Soft Hyphenator website. Then choose the primary language of your text.

This web app supports over 30 major languages including Greek, Russian, German, and Danish. Soft Hyphenator will then add the soft hyphen character (­) to the HTML code you entered so that when you put it on a webpage, it won’t have the weird huge spacing throughout the paragraph.





  • Soft-hyphenate justified HTML texts.
  • Makes justified HTML texts more readable and presentable.
  • Supports over 30 major languages.
  • Free, no signup is required.

Check out Soft Hyphenator @ [No Longer Available]

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