SocialBro: Twitter Management Tool & Analytics (Chrome App)

If you need to run proper campaign in Twitter, then you should look closely for tools that will help you interact, gather data, and analyze Twitter buzz around your business. Social Bro is a proven desktop tool that has the necessary features to your Twitter business profiles effectively. And it is now available as a Chrome app.

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The app’s simple interface lets you download all your followers and friends in a local database and view them offline. You can search for followers and create Twitter lists based on certain criteria. Socialbro also scans your followers and follow them back if you haven’t already. Likewise, you can unfollow people that recently unfollowed you.

Socialbro also checks the frequency of posts for each user, and gives you data on possible spammers or noisy users. It aggregates followers for each profile to establish who the influential users and who the famous people are in your community.


Socialbro’s data visualization and analysis tools are top-notch – you can view the community on a map, or view time zones, language charts, and more. Finally, you can enter multiple Twitter accounts to your dashboard and post in once place.

Socialbro is a handy app for webmasters, social media professionals and anyone who wants to have a rich Twitter experience.


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