Make Social Travel Plans With Gtrot Via Facebook

social travel planningHave you been longing for an easy way to tell your friends where you’re heading for your holidays and perhaps catch up with friends who are heading in the same direction? Or do you one day wish you could go traveling to a certain city but don’t know which friends might be interested in taking the trip with you? Well, Gtrot will surely help. That’s precisely what it aims to do.

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Gtrot is a social travel planning tool that lets you tell your friends about your travel plans and previous trips, then connects you with friends who want to go to these places too. Let’s say you’d like to go to Berlin. Once that’s entered, Gtrot will show you which of your friends have lived in Berlin, traveled to Berlin or are planning a trip to Berlin, meaning you can quickly ask for travel advice and potentially meet up with some of your friends while you’re there.

social travel planning

Getting Started With Gtrot

Signing up with Gtrot is a cinch as you just use Facebook authorisation to log in. Gtrot will grab your photo, current city and hometown from your Facebook information. If you don’t want to share your current city, you can change this preference in Gtrot’s privacy settings.

Next, you can link your Gtrot account to Foursquare in order to make your check-ins appear in Gtrot. Gtrot will try to add cities you’ve visited from information found in Facebook and Foursquare.

social travel tools

You’ll notice that Gtrot will also find any data available to it from your friends in relation to hometown and current city. You may see some friends in your current city who don’t yet use Gtrot. This makes the Gtrot system useful to you even if your friends haven’t joined the social network yet.

social travel tools

Add Trips & Cities You’ve Visited

The easiest way to do this is to add past trips, as Gtrot will then automatically add to the list of cities you’ve visited.

social travel tools

When you enter your past trips you can also tag your Facebook friends as being with you on the trip, which automatically improves Gtrot’s information. This means that when your friends’ friends join Gtrot they will see useful data about trips your friends have taken. Plus, if your friend joins, most of the data will already be there ready for them.

traveling tools

All your trip information can be published to Facebook if you like. Plus, you can notify your friends that they’ve been tagged.

Adding Future Trips

Future trips can be added just as simply as past trips. But you can also email your travel itinerary to from a registered email address in order to automatically add the trip. They make it so easy!

traveling tools

Also, within your account preferences you can see notifications. If you like, you can ask to be notified whenever a friend adds a particular city to their details. So, if you’re planning a trip somewhere special or you’re looking for a travel buddy, this is ideal.

traveling tools

Should I Use Gtrot Or Something Else?

Gtrot has a lot of competition in services like Dopplr, TripIt, TripAdvisor, older services like Wayn, other travel services and travel websites 10 Travel Websites That Should Be Bookmarked Read More and online travel guides The Best Free Online International Travel Guides Read More . Personally, I think Dopplr is the only contender for real competition here and it seems that Gtrot have already thought of ways to get ahead of the pack. In the end, these travel services are only of any use if people update their information and if their friends use the service. Gtrot has found ways to automate this somewhat.

There was also a potential for services like Foursquare to become competition, but with the linked service Foursquare ultimately become another tool to get information into Gtrot. This makes it much more likely that Gtrot’s information will be relevant and useful when people go to use it, even if their friends have never heard about Gtrot. Being able to give locations for yourself and tag friends for locations in Facebook, Gtrot and Foursquare will make Gtrot’s data collection increase at a steady rate.

It would be great to see Gtrot taking in information from Flickr as well, showing pictures from trips and automatically adding trips and cities to a user’s history according to photo metadata.

social travel planning

Do you use Gtrot or another travel planner? What are the most important features to you? Let us know in the comments!

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