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What Is Social Media Marketing Like? Learn With 5 Top Udemy Courses

Saikat Basu 14-09-2016

Michael and Dusty were just two huge Coke fans. A simple Facebook Fan page (and 1 million fans) took them to a consultant’s job for Coca-Cola.


Social media marketing wasn’t in vogue then. Today, it is a hot career. And you can go freelance with a few years of experience behind you. Social media is important for any business. It is also a sector which is morphing every day with change in our age and habits.

So, ask yourself:

  • Do you want to become a self-made digital marketing expert?
  • Do you want to speak in the same language with the digital marketing strategist in your office?
  • Do you have the loftiest goal to start your own startup?

All three will need a smattering of social media marketing knowledge. You just wouldn’t want to get page views and loyal fans with social media. You would want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

These five courses from Udemy will show you what a social media marketing career path calls for.

1. Social Media Strategy Made Simple for Small Businesses

Discover how to create a simple step-by-step social media strategy for your small business.


Udemy - Social Media Strategy

As a small business owner or the founder of a startup, you are already starting out with limited resources. You might have a profile on Facebook or a fledgling website. But where do you go from here without spending big bucks or hiring a social media strategist? This step-by-step course will hold your hand through an attack plan for your home business.

The course doesn’t need any prior marketing or graphic designing experience. Social media is visual, but communicating with the right kind of images is an easy skill to learn.

The one-hour course is like a primer that helps you bind the first bricks. The deeper lessons will follow in the courses that follow this. The course is also a good launch pad for anyone interested in a freelance social media management career. Darcy Sullivan is a freelance marketing consultant, a digital strategist, and an entrepreneur herself.


2. Social Media Marketing 2016 — Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms

Discover the secrets pay-per-click social media marketing with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Google.

Udemy - Social Media Marketing 2016

The best thing about this course is its wide sweep across all the popular social media platforms. The 13 hours on the course won’t be a big sacrifice as you learn the ins and outs of creating high quality PPC ads on all the popular social marketing sites.

The course takes you through the tips and hacks required to grow your following. Each section looks at one social medium and delivers the promotional hacks 11 Simple Steps For Successful Social Media Giveaways Social media giveaways are a proven way to increase your page likes, interaction, followers, and the size of your mailing list. But what steps should you follow to ensure your giveaway is an astounding success? Read More that apply to it. There are primers on SEO thrown in for good measure.


The breakneck speed of developments makes social media and digital marketing tough to keep up with. But the updated course itself is easy to follow and should give you the solid footing to jump into the industry.

3. Social Media Marketing 2016 — Complete Certificate Course

Discover how to go from beginner to advanced, and then viral with your own campaign.

Udemy - Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing 2016 course is a useful alternative to look at and compare with the above course. This is also an updated course that touches Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogging, Instagram, and YouTube. The importance of content marketing with blogging tools also gets its due space.


It might be a good idea to invest another 80 hours on this course. A few standout lesson resources like Social Media Audit and Name Variations Brain-storming template could be useful for the beginner. Successful case studies are often the best way to understand social media marketing. Study and emulate examples like Red Bull, Cadbury, Innocent Drinks, Air Asia, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

The many case studies are a strong feature of this course and could help you understand the scope and risks of social media Social Media Done Right: Advertising You'll Actually Want to See Every company has its own social media presence, but some brands are way more successful than others. These nine companies have taken risks when it comes to social media, and their approaches have paid of Read More .

4. Facebook Marketing: A Step-by-Step to Your First 1000 Fans!

Discover how to grow your business using Facebook.

Udemy - Facebook Marketing

In an article from 2008, Wired Magazine’s Senior Editor Kevin Kelly had said that you just need 1000 true fans who are willing to pay you. With more than 1.71 billion monthly active users, you would rather be on Facebook than anywhere else to get them.

Facebook marketing is much more than keeping a good presence with regular updates. The only valuable way to use Facebook is through true engagement and that takes more than “Likes”.

Benjamin Wilson has this responsibility to take you to this initial 1000. After that, you can count on the exponential effect to take over. So, begin with your Facebook profile and an ambition!

The course will help you understand Facebook’s news feed and use it for your target audience. The lessons also hand out a few time-saving scheduling tips Here Are the Best Times to Make Social Media Posts The time of day that you post to social media could have a huge impact on how many people see and share what you've posted. Read More on using a content calendar and using your existing circle to get business momentum. Most of all, the instructions are about offering value on your Page.

5. The Complete Digital Marketing Course — 12 Courses in One

Discover a systematic approach to grow any business online from scratch.

Udemy - The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers social media marketing. At the end of the day, you cannot depend on social media alone.

This comprehensive and complete digital marketing course takes you into multiple channels beyond social media. It is one of the most popular courses on Udemy now. So, spend less than $20 and set up your business without any prior digital marketing knowledge. The 20-hour course is actually a bundle of twelve different courses. Think of them as modules that touch upon the different tools you will need to grow your online business.

For example: Learn how to create a marketing plan. Set up your own WordPress website. Grasp the copywriting tips needed to catch eyeballs.

I look upon this course as a good place to understand the heavy work to make any online venture successful in the long run. Definitely take a look at this course before you even decide to launch your business idea. The course will also give you the introduction to the busy field of digital strategy in case you care thinking of a career there, and there’s lots to learn. Course author Daragh Walsh is a Google Certified Marketer who takes you through the early grind.

5 More Free Courses

The above courses are worth the small amount of money you spend on them. They are in-depth and easy to follow. But if you would rather dip your toes with a few micro-topics in social media marketing, here are the quick and free picks.

Social Media Can Boost Your Career

Yes, in more ways than one. Udemy also has a partnership with Hootsuite for a roster of 80 digital marketing courses on their corporate learning platform Udemy for Organizations (UFO).

Social media can bankrupt your productivity. But it also helps boost your career 10 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Career Social media can be an invaluable tool when looking for a new job, or even when trying to boost your skills for your current role. Try these ideas and see how you go. Read More in so many different ways. If you love social media and have a passion for “Liking”, “pinning”, and “tweeting” then create your own career path through the maze. You just need to be creative to standout in this competitive arena.

Do you have the zeal? What are your questions about social media marketing? Have you tried exploring it yet?

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