Snooze Your Emails & Get Reminders (Chrome)

MOin 03-02-2011

When you postpone replying to emails and get occupied with other work on your computer, there is a good chance that you will forget responding to emails. Snooze Your Email is here to help remind you to send a reply.


snooze your email

Snooze Your Email is a great browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension lets you set a reminder to send responses to your Gmail emails. With the extension installed you will find a new button located in the top row of Gmail while reading an email in Gmail. Clicking on that button lets you set a time for the reminder.

postpone email

By accessing the extension’s options you can select the notification type. A desktop notification with sound enabled will help the most.

snooze your email with inform me later



  • Postpone emails for later.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Reminds you to respond to emails.
  • Works for email in Gmail.
  • Reminder notifications can be desktop and have sounds.
  • Similar tools: HitMeLater, Nudgemail, Alertful, FollowUp, RemindTRON, PingMe,,, Memorari, Urge-Me and QuickReminders.
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