SnapClean: Simple Photo Cleanup Tool
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Due to their rough background, images of drawings and texts on whiteboards or napkins are not as clear as one would prefer. If you have such a picture, you can use SnapClean to tidy it up.

SnapClean is a very easy photo cleanup service to use. It has recently been launched and has quite a simple aim: it tidies up images which have an almost-white background. What SnapClean does is increase the contrast of the images until you see only the writing / drawing on a white background thereby “˜tidying up’ your image.

The process works in 4 easy steps:

  • You obtain a digital picture of the text or image on the whiteboard or napkin.
  • You email the image to
  • SnapClean tidies up the image.
  • SnapClean emails back the tidied up picture to you.

photo cleanup


  • Whiteboard photo cleanup application  (or on other surfaces that are almost white).
  • No registrations or downloads are required.
  • All you do is email the image to an address.
  • The tidied picture is emailed back to you.
  • Similar tools: Doodle, Twiddla and WhiteyBoard.

Check out SnapClean @

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