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Snapchat Sells Spectacles From Vending Machines

Dave Parrack 10-11-2016

Snapchat has finally started selling its Spectacles. But you, person sitting there reading this, is unlikely to be able to be able to get your hands on any. Why? Because Snapchat is determined to make interested parties work for the privilege of owning a pair.


Six weeks after unveiling its new Spectacles Snapchat Unveils Spectacles That Shoot Video Snapchat has changed its name to Snap, and unveiled its new video-enabled sunglasses called Spectacles. Read More , Snapchat has started selling its big new idea. The problem is it’s not ready to sell them online or in stores, so Snapchat has chosen to sell Spectacles from vending machines.

These vending machines, which are called Snapbots and look like giant square Minions, will be moved around the United States, spending a single day in various locations. The first vending machine to go live spent its first day at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.

In order to buy Snapchat Spectacles, potential customers will have to keep one eye on the Spectacles website [No Longer Available]. The company will announce the next location a Snapbot will be appearing 24 hours before it arrives. If it’s turning up in a location near you, you’ll then have to get in the queue and hope that Snapbot doesn’t run out of Spectacles before you’re next in line.

How to Buy Snapchat Spectacles

If you’re lucky enough to be standing in front of a Snapbot you’ll be able to preview some sample footage and virtually try the Spectacles before buying. Then it’s a simple case of inserting your credit or debit card, and paying $129 for the privilege of looking a bit silly.


This is Snapchat trying to build interest in what has to be considered a niche product. If no one bothers buying Spectacles from these vending machines expect the whole thing to be quietly scrapped. However, if they consistently sell out then Snapchat will likely look to launch Spectacles through more traditional retail channels sometime in 2017.

If you’re unsure what these things are, what they do, or how they work, check out our in-depth overview of Snapchat Spectacles Snapchat Spectacles: Everything You Need to Know in a Snap Over the past few days, Snapchat has rebranded to Snap Inc. and it launched a new hardware product called Spectacles. The app still remains "Snapchat" though. Here's the full rundown. Read More .

Are you at all interested in buying Snapchat Spectacles? Will you be checking the Spectacles website to see if a Snapbot is coming to a location near you? Do you think these are a novelty that will quietly disappear from trace? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sue McKinney
    December 10, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    I would buy a pair in a minute but I live in a smaller city that probably won't have a chance. I believe they will catch on at least for awhile.