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Snapchat Adds Some Fun New Features Worth Trying

Dave Parrack 06-07-2017

Snapchat has added a trio of new creative tools for anyone obsessed with the app. Individually these are all small improvements, but when combined together they make Snapchat even more fun to use. It’s no wonder Snapchat is currently the average teenager’s favorite social network 7 Reasons Snapchat is a Teenager's Favourite Social Network The latest craze amongst the adults of the future is the secretive photo-sharing service Snapchat. Why do they love it? Read More .


Snapchat is constantly adding new features to its roster. These features are arriving so thick and fast that’s it’s easy to miss them when the app updates itself. The latest improvements, publicized by TechCrunch, aren’t going to blow your mind, but are definitely worth trying nonetheless.

3 New Snapchat Features Worth Trying

Paperclip essentially lets you add links to photos prior to sending. Links were previously allowed on Snapchat, but only on Discover content Snapchat's Discover: Why It's a Social News Revolution Snapchat is more than just sending pictures and videos to your friends. Snapchat has grown into a powerful tool, bringing the world of news, events and trends to millions of users in a snap. Read More or for brands (paying for the privilege). As you would expect, all links must abide by Snapchat’s terms of service and community guidelines.

The links will open in Snapchat’s internal browser, meaning you never have to leave the app. They will be automatically checked for malware and phishing scams, and a preview will be shown before you swipe up to help keep you safe. To add a link just tap on the Paperclip icon.

Backdrops let you cut an object out of a photo and add your own background. Just tap the Scissors icon followed by the Backdrop icon, trace around the object(s) you want to keep in the photo, and then add one of the backdrops. These will change on a daily basis.

Voice Filters do exactly what they say on the tin, letting you change how your voice sounds in a Snap. These were previously available in the augmented reality lenses, but can now be used for any Snap. Just tap the Speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and have some fun.


These new features are available in the latest version of Snapchat on Android and on iOS.

Fun and Frivolous Additions to Snapchat

These new features aren’t going to change your life 10 Life-Changing Mini Habits to Get Back on Track This Year How are you doing on your New Year's resolutions? If you have given up on your goals, try mini habits. You can learn new skills and make lasting change with small steps. Read More . However, they are more fun and frivolous additions designed to improve the overall Snapchat experience. And where Snapchat leads, Facebook follows, so you can expect these features to come to Instagram in the future.

Do you use Snapchat? What do you like about it? And what would you like to see improved? What do you think of these new features? Are you likely to make use of any of them? Please let us know in the comments below, or share this post with your Snapchat-loving friends.

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