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If you are a health buff or conscious about what you eat or take in, you will find this web app useful. Snake Oil is a health supplements information graph that shows the human health benefits of different substances. It shows the most popular and promising food supplements plotted in a graph so that you can easily find the most effective supplements for you.
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The graph is fairly straightforward. Each supplement is represented as a balloon. Balloons that are higher mean that there is more scientific evidence that supports the nutritional benefits of these supplements. So in this graph, beta-glucan, red yeast rice, and selenium have the strongest evidence of their healthy effects. The size of the bubble reflects the popularity of the supplements based on Google hits, while the red bubbles are supplements with few studies but shows promising results. You can click each bubble to see how the supplement can benefit your health and also filter all supplements by health condition.

Snake Oil is a pretty informative web tool which easily shows you the impact of these supplements to your health, which in turn helps you to make better decisions about your diet.


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