Smart Screen Off: Automatically Turn Off Your Android’s Screen When Needed

Dave LeClair 05-03-2012

Most Android phones will automatically shut the screen off when you pull it up to your face to take a call. However, they do not typically turn off when you place the device face down on a table or place it in your pocket. The developer of this app decided that annoyed him, and he set out to make this really cool, free application that solves that problem, and helps save some battery by taking better control of automatically turning off your screen.


automatically turn off android

All you, as the end-user, need to do is turn on the app with a single toggle button. Once it is on, it will use the proximity sensor in your device to know when to turn the screen on and off, thus saving you the effort of doing so.

The screen will not be locked, so if you remove it from its face down position, or from your pocket, it will turn back on, just as if you were making a call.


  • Free application.
  • Uses proximity sensor to turn screen on and off automatically.
  • Simple to use, just one toggle makes the app work.
  • Saves effort of turn the screen off manually all the time.
  • Similar tools:

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  1. FlyingBuzz
    March 5, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    doesn tapping the power button makes the screen go off usually?