Slimber: Draw Online & Replay Drawings As A Video
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There are lots of online drawing apps but Slimber is different. In addition to drawing and painting online quickly, Slimber also allows you to replay drawings as a video. You can also save your drawings without going through the hassle of signing up for an account.

Whenever a drawing is saved, it is added to the Slimber gallery and can be easily shared using a permanent URL or being embedded into a webpage. You can also browse through the most wanted or recently added drawings, rate each drawing and post comments to them without registering for an account.

replay drawing

replay drawing


  • Draw and paint online without signing up for an account.
  • Adjust brush sizes and shapes.
  • Replay any drawing as a video.
  • Save your drawings and share them using a permanent URL.
  • Browse most viewed or recently added drawings.
  • Rate each drawing and post comments.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: and Canvastic

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  1. ArtMania
    August 18, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    cool, ive looked inside, its great. There are also new features, its beeing extended. great