Slick Write: Online Editor That Analyzes Your Writing

Justin Pot 21-04-2013

Learn to engage. Slick Write is a free website and browser extension that acts as an online editor – pointing out useless words and generally helping you be concise. Right-click any text you’re writing online – the extension will analyze it, and you’ll learn something.


This is not simply a spelling or grammar checking service – it’s an online editor. Whether you’re a full time writer or just someone who needs to write occasionally (read: everyone), you probably have some bad habits. Highlight your text, then click analyze – your potential pitfalls are outlined for you.

Slick Write: Online Editor That Analyzes Your Writing slickwrite main

Right away you’ll see words worth removing, highlighted – click them to learn why the software thinks so. Configure which categories do and don’t show up here, if you want.

You can also explore potential pitfalls in flow and structure. Perfect it’s not, and every writer is entitled to their own style, but there’s something to learn here. The “stat” page is particularly helpful, summarizing potential problems statistically.

Slick Write: Online Editor That Analyzes Your Writing slickwrite stats


Take the time to read all advice given. You may not agree with all if it – and some if it will be wrong. But as I said, you will learn something.

I would love to see something like this integrated with a word processing or text editing program – but for now it’s a browser extension and a website. I also wish the highlighting function was integrated with the editor, but perhaps that is coming. For now it’s a good start, and something every writer should probably check out.

Check out Slick Write @ Add-Ons, Chrome Web Store or

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