Sleeves: See If You Can Wear Short Sleeves Today
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Sleeves is a fancy weather forecast application which simply informs you what type of shirt you should wear today: long sleeves, short sleeves, go sleeveless, and wear 2-layers (both). All you need to do is enter the US zip code and then click on “GO” button.

weather forecast application

Previously we had reviewed applications based on similar concept. For instance, GoingToRain and UmbrellaToday both tell if it’s going to rain today so that you can take an umbrella with you.


  • Fancy weather forecast application that tells you if you can wear short sleeves today.
  • Tells you the weather of any US zip code.
  • Works only in the United States.
  • The weather data is obtained from Yahoo Weather API.
  • No sign-up or registration needed.

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