Sleep Cycle: A Bio Alarm Clock for iPhone & iPod Touch
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If you’ve been waking up really tired from sleeping, even though you’ve had a good 8-9 hours of sleep, then it might be because you have woken up suddenly during the deep sleep phase. Sleep Cycle is a bio alarm clock that makes use of the iPhone or iPod touch (iOS basically) to ensure that you wake up in your light sleep phase and hence wake up feeling fresh. It tracks your sleep movements on the bed, and determines the phases of sleep accordingly. It then uses a 30 minute alarm window to wake you up at the right time (the alarm window ends at the time when you had set the alarm). The cost is only $0.99.

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This is a really unique tool and could prove to be useful, provided it works well. It is recommended that you go through their FAQ page to understand the right way of using it. Also, it could take a day or two to adapt to your sleep pattern before delivering the results.


  • Bio alarm clock for iPhone and other iOS devices.
  • Detects your sleep movements and wakes you up accordingly.
  • Similar tools: Sleep Bot, iSleepDiary and YawnLog.


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