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Slack Unveils New Shared Channels Feature; Report 6M Daily Users

Gavin Phillips 12-09-2017

Slack, one of the single most effective team-productivity tools 9 Clever Slack Bots to Boost Your Productivity Slack bots can help you and your team get things done. They integrate to-do lists, time zones, meeting agendas, a team wiki, project updates, and more. Now you can manage projects right inside Slack! Read More on the planet, has amassed a whopping 6 million active daily users. And to celebrate, Slack unveiled its new Shared Channels feature, just after Microsoft made a similar show of strength.


Slack Shared Channels

Shared Channels create a mutual workspace for employees from different organizations to work together. A Shared Channel will allow users to use all the standard features of Slack, including file uploads. Slack lead product manager Sean Rose said “This is a feature that’s been in the works for a year.”

Funnily enough, it has been just under a year since Slack took a whole-page advert in the New York Times to thank Microsoft for bringing some serious competition to the collaborative productivity chat app market.

Along with the Shared Channels, Slack will also introduce new localizations. These include French, German, and Spanish, and include admin dashboards and local support, as well as the main chat feature — the lot, essentially.

Slow Progress is Good Progress

Slack has become a beloved tool to almost everyone who uses it. It even featured in the new series of Bojack Horseman (Season 4 started last week on Netflix!). But to its users, incremental progress like this is much better than churning out features just to create hype.


Instead, Slack have focused on consolidating their impressive user numbers. The company now report 9 million active weekly users, 6 million active daily users, of which 2 million are part of a paid team. And most people who use Slack become dedicated users Solid Tips to Master Slack & Be the Most Effective Employee Ever Don't have a strategy for managing Slack? It's time you got one. You can't let Slack do all the work for you. Try these tips to make effective use of Slack. Read More , too.

Slack is up against fierce competition, too The 7 Best Free Slack Alternatives for Team Communication Slack is excellent, but it isn't the right tool for every team. Here are the best Slack alternatives your team should consider. Read More . Microsoft recently announced that 125,000 organizations now use their collaborative Teams feature, while Atlassian launched direct competitor, Stride, last week.

Is your team Slack-evangelical? Did you leave another chat client behind? Will you use the new Slack Shared Channels feature? Let us know your thoughts below!

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