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Skyroam Solis Offers an Affordable Data Hotspot Worldwide

Tina Sieber 10-01-2019

The Skyroam Solis is a global Wi-Fi hotspot that doubles as a power bank. You can get affordable and unlimited high-speed data in up to 120 countries, with no contract or SIM card required.


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The Solis acts as a data hub that can connect up to five devices at the same time. The setup requires the Solis app. By connecting to the hub and scanning the QR code on its underside, you can complete the setup in seconds. Finally, log into your account.

Download: Solis WiFi for Android | iOS (Free)

Once you’re set up, you can purchase data plans inside the app. Plans start at $9 for an unlimited 24-hour day pass. $9 will also get you 1GB of data to use over 30 days. For $99, the Solis will give you unlimited 4G LTE data for 30 days. You can activate plans via the app or using the Wi-Fi button.

The Wi-Fi button will soon turn into a Smart Button. The feature is already present in the Solis WiFi app, but Skyroam has not activated it yet. Once live, you’ll be able to control devices, apps, and services by pressing the Smart Button. For example, you could automatically send a message to a loved one, letting them know you’ve arrived at your destination.


The Solis’s integrated power bank has 6,700mAh and should provide your device for up to one charge, while also powering the Wi-Fi hub for a full day. Once they’re totally worn out, you can easily replace the batteries.

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Presently, the Solis is the perfect companion for the avid traveler who depends on mobile data for work or play. Skyroam is working on integrating 5G and a VPN in a future version. [We previously wrote that the Solis 2, which will be launching later this year, would be 5G-ready, but that is not the case.]

If you’re not keen on carrying around a physical hotspot, Skyroam has something in the pipeline for you. SIMO is a virtual SIM that gives you access to Skyroam’s global mobile internet network via the SIMO app.

For this product, Skyroam has partnered with MediaTek, a Taiwanese chip manufacturer. Rather than a Wi-Fi hotspot, you’ll use a phone outfitted with a chip that has two antennas, one of which Skyroam can use to provide its services. Similar to the Solis, you’ll be able to purchase data packages for wherever you are, but at much more competitive prices.

Skyroam is currently running a trial in Indonesia and will then roll SIMO out to the Americas, as well as India. Unfortunately, they could not comment on a timeline.

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