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Skype Updates On XBox One & Also Includes Captain America Emoticons

Mark O'Neill 17-03-2014

Skype Updates On XBox One & Also Includes Captain America Emoticons capamerica3 640x339


Skype has made some important updates on XBox One, as well as revealing a limited-time special promotion set of Captain America emoticons for the upcoming movie.

First, the emoticons. The Captain America sequel, “Winter Soldier” is out next month, and as part of a special promotion, Skype is introducing some new emoticons based on the main movie characters (I am totally digging the Scarlet Johanssen emoticon). These emoticons will not be around for long so make the most of them while they last.


To find out how to reveal these icons, just go here, and you will be told what you have to type into the chat window.

The Captain America emoticons also make an appearance on Skype for the XBox One, in addition to several other improvements which should make XBox One owners happy.  This includes conversations being synced across devices, push notifications to give you a holler when messages arrive, a bigger chat history so you can see what you were talking about last month (or even further back), and a filter to see which of your contacts are currently online.


If you are an XBox One owner, what do you think about the updates? Are you happy with them, or did Microsoft miss out another, more important, function yet to be amended or introduced? Let us know in the comments.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Scarlett Johansson.

Sources: Skype Blog, IGN

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