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Skynet Edges Closer, Twitter Experiments, 40k Bitcoin Valuation [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 16-12-2013

Today in Tech News Digest, Google buys Boston Dynamics (bringing Skynet closer to reality), Amazon starts selling its Kindle Fire tablets in installments, SteamOS arrives, Twitter experiments with location-based tweets, Microsoft Photosynth gets updated, Doctor On Demand debuts, and Winklevii (the Winklevoss twins) make a shocking prediction about Bitcoin.


Google Buys Boston Dynamics

Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering firm with a slew of robots under its command. We only recently discovered Google was busy buying up robotics firms Real Google Androids, UPS Drones, Free Office 365, Star Wars Selfies [Tech News Digest] Google's building robots, sales of PCs expected to fall, Spotify woos artists, PlayStation 4 hits the 2 million sold milestone, UPS tries to one-up Amazon, Office 365 is offered free to students, and Darth Vader... Read More , with Android founder Andy Rubin heading the effort to build an army of robots ready and able to do Google’s bidding, and now this.

Boston Dynamics has been developing robots since its inception in 1992. Rather than sell robots commercially, the company has developed autonomous machines for clients such as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Which means Google now owns what many consider to be a military contractor.

The video below shows one of Boston Dynamics’ creations in action, and if the sight of a giant metal cat thundering along at speed doesn’t fill you with terror then you clearly need to watch the Terminator movies. Skynet is edging ever closer!

Amazon Adds Installment Plan Option

Skynet Edges Closer, Twitter Experiments, 40k Bitcoin Valuation [Tech News Digest] kindle fire hdx tablet


Amazon is going all out to sell as many of its Kindle Fire HDX Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Review and Giveaway Is the Kindle Fire HDX worth owning if you haven't owned a Kindle before? To find out, we purchased a 16 GB Kindle Fire HDX 7" (Wi-Fi) without special offers for $244, and we're giving... Read More tablets as possible, with an installment plan payment option being touted on the homepage. Those who want a Kindle Fire HDX but who can’t afford one at the moment can receive one now and pay in equal increments over the next nine months.

This isn’t a bad deal, as Amazon isn’t charging interest for this offer, but it’s still not advisable to buy something you want (but don’t need) with money you don’t have.

SteamOS Available To Download

Valve has made the initial version of SteamOS available to download. However, as this is only a beta release, the company is advising only people who are well-versed in Linux to even attempt to use this future gaming platform Valve's 3 Big Announcements: Everything You Need To Know Valve has announced its own OS, a new line of Steam Machines, and a controller. What does it mean for gaming? Read More . At least until a more polished version arrives sometime in 2014.

Twitter Tests ‘Nearby’ Tweets


Twitter has reportedly been testing new location-based timelines of tweets known as ‘Nearby’. According to the Wall Street Journal, mobile Twitter users who share their location with the service have been the subject of this experiment. If successful, it could mean an option is added for all users to see tweets from people in close proximity to them, whether they follow those people or not. A bit stalkerish, perhaps, but useful under the right circumstances.

Microsoft Photosynth Updated

Skynet Edges Closer, Twitter Experiments, 40k Bitcoin Valuation [Tech News Digest] microsoft photosynth demo

Microsoft has released a new version of Photosynth New Photosynth Brings Spin, Panorama, Walk and Wall for Immersive 3D Photos The new version of Photosynth offers new, exciting 3D panorama features, which Microsoft calls Spin, Panorama, Walk and Wall. Read More , with extra features opening up new possibilities for creating 3D panoramas. These new features include Spin, Walk, Wall, and Panorama, all of which turn still photography into moving images. Just be prepared to shoot lots of pictures of the same object from multiple different angles.

Doctor On Demand Debuts

Skynet Edges Closer, Twitter Experiments, 40k Bitcoin Valuation [Tech News Digest] doctor on demand screenshot


Healthcare in the United States has been in the news rather a lot of late, which makes the unveiling of Doctor on Demand US-Based Doctor on Demand Launches Medical Consultation Service at $40/15 Minutes A new medical service launched this week called Doctor on Demand connects consumers with a US-licensed physician, via a computer, smartphone or tablet. Service calls are $40 for each 15 minutes of consultation. Read More a rather intriguing story. Doctor on Demand allows patients to consult a medical professional via the Internet, with iOS and Android apps amongst the many ways this can be achieved. It costs a fair amount of money, but then so does all healthcare in the U.S.

Winklevii Make Shocking Bitcoin Valuation

And finally, Cameron Winklevoss, one of the Winklevoss twins collectively known as Winklevii — best known for being the guys who claim they created Facebook before Mark Zuckerberg took over — has completed a Reddit AMA focused mainly on Bitcoin. Whatever you think of the Winklevii, it makes for fascinating reading.

The Winklevoss twins are now heavily invested in Bitcoin, owning millions of dollars worth of the virtual currency. Which may go some way to explaining Cameron’s startling suggestion that the value of a single Bitcoin could one day reach US$40,000. If true, this would mean it’s still not too late to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon.


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  1. Tinkicker
    December 17, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    "Oh my God!...They're here!"
    Your worst fears were realized. Beyond the sounds of sporadic gunfire a few blocks away, you heard the firing up of two-stroke engines...the Cheetahs! Grabbing your backpack and pistol, which you now realized was a fruitless act, you rushed out the back door and headed for the woods beyond your property. Who knew tax evasion could end up like this?
    Just past the treeline the nightmare became very heard the clacking of a dozen metal hooves on pavement, quickly accelerating, and it didn't take a breath to comprehend that they were already homing in on you.
    Just like all the others you had known in these great United were about to die.

    • Dave P
      December 23, 2013 at 11:25 am

      Wow, talk about a dystopian future. I'm scared and I want my mummy! :)