5 Skills To Learn If You Want To Travel More

Saikat Basu 15-08-2017

The world is yours to travel. But you barely push your butt out of the chair.


Peek into your bucket list and it is sure to have some dozen travel spots around the globe. But you squash the travel bug when it bites.

Why don’t we travel more? Maybe, it is about the money. Or, could it be our fear of stepping outside our comfort zone How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone & Crush Your Fears Staying in the comfort zone feels safe, but for the sake of personal development we need to get out of our comfort zones. Can technology show us how to stretch outside our comfort zones? Read More ? For most of us, it is that old excuse: “I don’t have the time today. I will travel tomorrow.”

Throw out the excuse. With the right mindset (and a few travel tips), you don’t need too much money, too much courage, or too much time. Just realize that we are programmed to learn new things in life. And travel is the shortest route to get there.

In our continuing series on Udemy courses, let’s pick five “experiences” that will help you get on that plane to travel a few miles away from your home — and give us a chance to learn a few skills in the process.

1. Travel Hacking: Cheap, Smart & Fun Travel – Travel Smart

Key Lesson: Practical tips on how to travel with confidence and without stress.


Travel Hacking

Travel can help you shake off stress but it can also contribute to it. Stress arrives from multiple directions. From worrying about a packing list to the fear of losing your passport. But there are many pre-emptive steps you can take to minimize your travel anxieties Stress Free Travel: How to Prevent Mistakes and Minimize Anxiety Wouldn't it be nice if traveling could be a blissful affair? With a healthy dose of technology and a few tweaks to your traveling mindset you can banish all anxiety. Read More and this course packs all the advice in.

The 23-page travel cheatsheet is worth the price of admission alone. This is not a “travel hacking” course in the true sense of the word, but it is a digest of practical strategies you can implement on the road. Pay special attention to the module which covers travel safety with tips like “the power of secret pockets”.

2. How to Fly for Free: Master the Points Game & Travel Cheap

Key Lesson: How to earn free flights with credit card travel rewards.


How to Fly for Free

Is travel hacking hard? For me, it is a game of patience and number wizardry. I don’t have either. But for all intents, earning free air miles How to Grab Cheap Airfares with These Best-Kept Travel Secrets Travel need not cost you any cash at all. We spoke to two famous travel hackers to find what travel hacking is all about and how you can get started yourself, stress free. Read More is all about picking the right credit cards and then carefully maximizing the benefits. There are many experts and blogs devoted to this “side hobby” but Daniel Stanford packs it in a one-hour course.

There are two limitations for this course: It is meant for U.S. residents only as the credit card programs at the crux of the bargains are U.S. specific. You can always take these tips and make them work for you with local research. But beyond that, Daniel dispels some common travel hacking myths and shows how you can travel cheaply around the world by making airline miles pay for most of it.

3. Profitable Businesses and Careers for Digital Nomads

Key Lesson: Discover ideas for freelance careers that are location independent.


Digital Nomads

Imagine cruising down the Nile River in Egypt, while working on a pet project for a well-paying client. That’s the dream Scott Patton and Ricky Shetty want us to imagine. It isn’t far-fetched as digital nomads The Intrepids: 5 Inspirations From 5 Digital Nomads Who Work & Travel Thanks to the Web, we can take inspiration from the many who actually have escaped from the cubicle and have stepped out further with globetrotting. They are the intrepid breed called "the digital nomads". Read More are a huge international tribe now. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. And yes, that dream.

The two-hour course can be a catalyst to break free from the cubicle. It shows you step by step how to start an independent business. Ideas covered include video coaching, teaching ESL, and group coaching among other things. You may want to start small in your spare time, at home, or just decide to pack and travel the world after you take their advice.

4. Travel Writing: Explore the World & Publish Your Stories!

Key Lesson: Learn how to write professional quality travel stories fit for publication.


Travel Writing

You can go around the world while writing about our travels 4 Tips On How To Go Around The World With Your Travel Writing There are few careers that are more rewarding than writing. There are few pastimes that are more rewarding than travel. It's rare that the two intersect. Only a lucky -- nay exceptional -- few have... Read More . If you like the craft of writing and yearn to travel, then this course could be the ticket to that first attempt. It’s not easy to breakthrough as a travel writer. But Dave Fox has some useful tips.

He is a travel writer and a humor coach who loves to teach. You can spot the same eye for stories on his own travel blog. The course covers the nitty-gritty of telling travel stories and not merely recording a travelogue. The 3.5 hours of instruction also goes into the different methods for pitching stories to editors.

5. Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures

Key Lesson: How to be an inspired travel photographer.

Travel Photography

Writing is one way of documenting your travels. Photography is another. And perhaps, the more popular option thanks to smartphones and Instagram filters. We have covered a few photography courses on Udemy Find the Best Landscape Photography Tips in 5 Popular Udemy Courses Take these landscape photography tips with you when you are in the outdoors. We picked five popular and low-cost Udemy courses for you so you don't have to search for them. Read More but this one is tailored for the modern pilgrim.

Speaking to locals before you photograph them is a social skill you can learn. Five hours of video will take you through the basics but also teach you the right approach to photograph locals and how to travel safely with your photography equipment.

Begin With a Single Step

That’s how every journey starts. A single step outside the door. You don’t need a course to travel, but the tips here can push you towards the great outdoors and return with more confidence. Maybe, these courses will inspire you to see that there’s more to travel than buying a plane ticket.

Pick one course and tell us how it helped you in your travel plans. Remember, every paid course on Udemy comes with:

  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Certificate of completion.

Do you prefer to be a tourist or a wandering traveler? Have you tried travel hacking or any other smart strategy to trot around the globe?

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  1. Nate
    August 16, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    This is a great article, but I think it missed a major skill needed. The skill they missed is Charades. Could not have gotten around Japan without it. Google translate helped, but Charades helped more.

    • ReadandShare
      August 17, 2017 at 5:25 pm

      An app is not a skill. Communicating with hand gestures and facial expressions, etc. - that's a skill - and mostly fun too.

  2. Bhavik Solanki
    August 16, 2017 at 6:03 am

    This is nice article. This article helpful and useful for many people and in this post give wonderful explanation for travel that helpful and useful for people when they travelling. I like this post.