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5 Super Sites for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

Mihir Patkar 05-02-2019

More and more people are looking to work from home or travel the world while they do their job. If you’re a remote worker or a digital nomad or just want to get into that space, you need to visit these sites.


Digital nomadism isn’t new Life on the Road: The History of Digital Nomadism Read More , but is gaining widespread acceptance with every passing day. It’s only natural to eschew the office, given the rapid advances in communications technology. But it still feels daunting since it’s off the beaten path.

These websites help you answer any questions you might have about digital nomadism. Learn about the kinds of opportunities available, and how you can ease yourself into it.

Remote Habits (Web): Interviews and F.A.Q.s From Successful Remote Works

Remote Habits interviews successful remote workers for their productivity tips

The best way to grow in any field is to follow in the footsteps of those who have succeeded. Remote Habits specializes in interviewing remote workers and finding out what makes them keep ticking along.

The site is divided into interviews and public questions. In public questions, the entire community of readers comes together to discuss a topic, much like any forum or discussion board.


The interviews focus on a single individual who answers most of the popular questions, but also adds specifics about the hardships of their particular job role. Chances are, you will find someone whose job profile meets your own, and you can learn from what they do.

If you like Remote Habits, you might also want to check out Alberto Gallego’s newsletter for remote workers, which has a monthly guide on how to stay productive, be inspired, and live a balanced life.

Nomad List Chat (Web): Public Chat for Digital Nomads

NomadList's chat has the best community of digital nomads and remote workers

Nomad List is one of the most comprehensive resources for digital nomads and remote workers. It has almost every type of information you’d want to know about any place you want to go to. Honestly, it’s the best place to figure out where you should go as a digital nomad.

But NomadList is so good at this part that the other great feature is often ignored: chat. Nomad List hosts a public chatroom for digital nomads and remote workers to talk about anything and everything under the sun. It’s free to join and participate, and you’ll find different chatrooms discussing different topics.

The chat feature is always buzzing, and you should be able to find like-minded individuals or get answers to any questions you might have. Nomad List is known for a great community of remote workers 7 Friendly Communities for Every Traveling Digital Nomad Being a digital nomad can involve more spent time alone than you may like. But is having a community while traveling really important? And if so, which online communities are the best to join? Read More , who are welcoming and encouraging of newbies in the digital nomad world.

WorkMode (Web): Find a Wi-Fi Cafe Anywhere

Find a wi-fi cafe anywhere in the world with WorkMode

For remote workers, cafes often end up as offices or workplaces. They offer consistent Wi-Fi connectivity, a place to work in peace, easy access to a washroom, and refreshments to keep you going.

WorkMode is a super simple web app built on top of Google Maps and its data. This at-a-glance interface makes it easy to find a nearby cafe that offers Wi-Fi, along with other amenities. The results appear on a Google Map of the area, which you can filter by distance, fast Wi-Fi, coffee quality, quietness, or reviews.

The app also lets you test the internet speed at any location, so that other users can know what to expect. Be warned that not all cafes listed here offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi. If that’s a priority, then you might want to check our guide on how to get free Wi-Fi almost anywhere How to Get Free Wi-Fi Almost Anywhere Public wireless networks are becoming more and more popular as a means of attracting people to a particular business or service, and this is just one of the many ways in which free (or almost... Read More .

There are plenty of other apps like WorkFrom. But their usefulness depends on where you are. WorkMode’s Google Maps data makes it slightly more useful no matter where you are.

RemoteList (Web): Curated List of All Remote Jobs Boards

RemoteList aggregates remote job boards

Remote jobs are popular enough now with their own dedicated online job listing boards. In fact, there are so many of them that you might wonder, which job search engine do you need 10 Job Search Engines You Should Try First These job search engines can help you find and apply for the exact type of position you seek. If you are job hunting now, these sites are for you. Read More ? Head to RemoteList, a remote jobs board curator, to figure it out.

You can see a list of all the remote job boards and sort them by popularity. Dive deeper into the one most people are using and find more listings. Each board explains why it’s popular, and Twitter users can leave a comment on their experience with it.

There’s also a Q&A section to discuss remote working issues, as well as a Jobs tab to curate job postings from different boards. You can safely ignore both of those though, there is hardly any content there.

Nomad Pick (Web): Super-Site for Remote Worker Tools and Resources

Nomad Pick is a Super-Site for Remote Worker Tools and Resources

Nomad Pick is an aggregator of the best resources and tools for remote workers or digital nomads. Bookmark this website so that you can always find the best app or site for the lifestyle you desire.

The categories include accommodation, blogs, books, communities, coworking, destination guide, finances, flight, food and drink, gear, health, insurance, passport and visa, podcasts, remote work, retreat, travel planning, and miscellaneous. Each section lets you sort the recommended sites by upvotes so that you can further drill it down.

Nomad Pick’s carefully selected choices are the easiest way for any remote worker to do as little research as possible and still find a reliable tool for the job at hand.

Ready to Remote? Check Out These Companies

With this list of super-sites for remote workers and digital nomads, you should be ready to take the leap. And remote working doesn’t mean that you’d have to look at startups and not established corporations. Well, prepare to be surprised.

Check out this list of large companies willing to hire remote workers 24 of the Best Companies That Offer Remote Working Jobs Looking for a job you can do from anywhere in the world? Here are the top companies that offer remote work opportunities. Read More . You will find the likes of Photoshop-maker Adobe and computer giant Dell here.

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    These are great resources for people who are working remotely. I work for Hacker Paradise (, a travel and work community for remote workers around the world, and we definitely use a lot of these tools. One of my personal favorites is airwander!

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