The Two Best Sites To Make Your Own Online Polls

Simon Slangen 19-01-2010

Don’t ask me about surveys, but I can never resist a good poll. After all, what’s ten seconds if you can bless other people with your opinion?


I guess it’s human nature to voice our thoughts – and try to seek confirmation from others. Nothing does that more than polls.

With the online anonymity, you can even voice your uttermost radical opinions (without fear of being looked at askew), and better yet, get a look at what the rest of the world thinks.

Although you get your fair dose of polls by visiting forums, blogs, and even online newspapers – you might be enticed to make your own poll.

With the two sites below, you can create a poll yourself, posting it on your blog and twitter, or even releasing it on the world – these should cover all you need.

Ask500People – Poll The World

Ask500People is a different concept from most poll services. Sure, you can show the link to your address book, or even embed a widget on your site, but in the first place, Ask500People is meant to poll the world. No need to aim at a limited group of people when you can pose your question to an international community audience.


make your own online poll

Even if you don’t feel like asking a question, it’s well worth to browse the sites and – even if you don’t feel inclined to vote – take a look at the answers. With tens of thousands of questions asked, there’s bound to be a couple of interesting ones. The questions range from a more serious setting (e.g. alternative engergy sources, politics, the screenshot above) to absolutely ridiculous (but infinitely entertaining) inquiries. Interesting questions are voted up by the community, and get a chance to reach the front page.

make your own poll

The results can be viewed in more detail. As a free user, you’re able to view the differentiation between male and female votes. When you sign up for your free account, you’ll also be able to see the votes categorized according to age, annual income, education, team and country. Obviously, a lot of this miscellaneous data can only be gathered from votes of other registered users.


Ask500People won’t hold ground against controlled surveys, and results are not always completely reliable and representative, but browsing the polls can be a fun (and interesting) experience.

PollDaddy (broken link removed)

As said before, Ask500People isn’t ideal to interview a select group. Say you want to poll your friends or blog audience, you’ll have to resort to other techniques. What you want is a private or public poll on a more isolated location.

Screen shot 2010-01-18 at 17.06.05

This is where PollDaddy comes in. A free account allows you to make unlimited numbers of your own polls. The only restriction imposed is the unavailability of vote analysis – i.e. you won’t be able to view the location and choice of a single participant. With the free account, you can still make your own poll templates and manage the global poll result.
make online poll


After creation, you can either share the link, or embed the poll on your own website. PollDaddy offers a selection of JavaScript and Flash embed codes, as well as alternative solutions for Facebook, Ning, WordPress and Myspace.

Do you know any other great polling services? You can tell us about them in the comments section below!

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