6 Sites to Learn How to Prepare for a Job Interview and Impress Bosses

Mihir Patkar 17-12-2019

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re unsure about proper etiquette during job interviews. But these sites will ensure you are well-prepared with tips and techniques to impress your potential employers and land that gig.


There are multiple doubts and questions floating in your head before a big job interview. What should you wear, how should your body language be, what will they ask and how will you answer? A great resume will only get you through the door, but then it’s all on the interview.

From experienced recruiters offering sound advice to apps that help you prepare for what to expect, check out these best websites to prepare for your job interview.

1. The Interview Guys (Web): Best Tips and Tricks for Interviews

The Interview Guys offer tips and techniques on how to ace a job interview

Jeff and Mike, known collectively as The Interview Guys, offer a wide range of advice about anything and everything related to cracking a job interview. They also have other articles about job searching, resumes, and career advice, but forget about those and jump straight to the interview section.

You’ll find generic advice about any type of interview, as well as tips and techniques for specific jobs like sales, product management, or marketing. They have dedicated answers for each popular interview question, like “what are you proud about” or “what is your greatest weakness?”


Apart from their website, you should check out The Interview Guys YouTube channel. It’s a lot of the same advice from the articles but told in a fun and engaging way through animated cartoons voiced by Jeff and Mike.

2. Interview Workbook (PDF): Step-by-Step Guide and Workbook

University of Manitoba's Interview Workbook and Guide

The University of Manitoba in Canada created an interview workbook for its staff use but published it for free online. It’s one of the best ebooks to learn about every aspect of an interview and put your knowledge into practice so you are thoroughly prepared.

The guide breaks down the interview process into seven steps: research, matching skills to the position, anticipating and practicing questions, preparing questions to ask there, the actual interview process, following up after the interview, and salary negotiation. It’s worth your time to read every part of this, which is beautifully broken up with tables, graphics, and tips, all in easy-to-understand language.

The end of the PDF is the workbook, which is the best part of it. You should definitely print and fill the entire workbook, which takes you step-by-step through the process of deconstructing your interview. Take a pen and go through it, it is the best way to prepare for an interview.

Download: Interview Workbook by University of Manitoba (PDF)

3. Pathrise’s Job Guides (Web): Interview Process at 200+ Top Companies

Pathrise cheatsheets for how 200+ top companies conduct job interviews

Are you interviewing at a large corporation like Apple or Google? The interview process at top companies is often more grueling than at a smaller firm. And many smaller offices like to imitate the process of bigger ones. Pathrise has compiled the interview process at 200+ top companies so you know what to expect.

The list includes names like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, 23andme, Dell, Electronic Arts, Siemens, and Uber. Click a company that most closely matches what you’re interviewing for. The job interview information is broken into a few broad categories: inside scoop, interview process, interview questions. You’ll also get some information about the company and office photos, median salaries, and hiring categories.

The Inside Scoop section is particularly interesting if you’re looking for a job there. By understanding what recruiters at the company look for, you can tailor your resume and prepare for your interview accordingly. Interview Questions are broken down into the type of job you’re looking for, from developer to product manager.

4. HireFunnel’s Question Bank (Web): Most Likely Questions for Any Job Interview

Hirefunnel's Question Bank with job interview questions for common job postings

HireFunnel is a video interview service for HR managers. By talking to recruiters and users, the service has now developed a database of questions for recruiters to ask potential candidates. But as a candidate, you can turn the tables and still use this to prepare for your interview.

The question bank has over 300 common questions, divided by the type of role you’re interviewing for. It spans copywriting, sales, management, engineering, and other common job profiles. The questions for each will vary depending on the type of experience you have.

There aren’t any ideal answers to the questions here. Instead, simply add all of these to your workbook to prepare for the interview. Chances are, after this, you won’t be surprised by anything your interviewer throws at you.

5. Culture Queries (Web): What to Ask Your Interviewer

Culture Queries guides for jobseekers

At the end of an interview, the recruiter will likely ask, “So, do you have any questions for us?” It’s good to look engaged at this point and ask a few questions. Culture Queries helps you figure out what to ask and how to ask it so that you can find out more information about the company without appearing nosy or intrusive.

Select multiple tags from six core fields: daily routines, team values, personal health, engineering, career growth, and strategy. Based on what you pick, Culture Queries will give you a few ideal questions, and explain how they tell you what you want to know.

For example, instead of asking “is there work/life balance”, ask “how responsive are people to emails over the weekends and after 6pm?” An interviewer might misinterpret the former to think you are not willing to work hard. The latter assumes your keenness to work while learning about what the company expects of its employees.

6. Interview School (Web): Try a Mock Video Interview With AI

Interview School lets you conduct a mock video interview assessed by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence powers so much of the world around us today, so why should interviews be any different? Practice a mock video interview at Interview School, which is then rated by artificial intelligence.

The free version includes a basic video interview, based on the 10 most common interview questions. Before each question, you have five seconds to think about your answer, and then you speak into the camera. The app records your entire interview, and then the AI analyzes it. You can also review it yourself.

Look, we can spend hours debating about the veracity and legitimacy of the AI’s assessment, but let’s put that on the backburner. For now, you’re getting a free mock interview on video, and you can play it back to see how you did.

If you like this, check out these other great mock interview websites 8 Mock Interview Websites to Help You Nail Your Job Search Not very good during interviews? Use these mock interview websites to face your job interviewers with confidence. Read More to practice your skills.

Prepare for Soft Skills Questions

Interviewers ask two types of questions: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills test whether your technical expertise will meet the job requirements. But most recruiters are checking more for whether your soft skills fit the work environment.

Jobs are about working with people. So the interviewer is checking how you’d do with leadership roles, handle a problem, and so on. It’s important to prepare for your interview by sharpening soft skills questions How to Sharpen Your Interview Skills With These Soft Skills Questions A successful soft skills interview can get you a new job. Master the answers to these popular questions and go with confidence. Read More .

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